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4 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic That You Haven’t Thought About

Increase Blog Traffic

Finding new ways to increase blog traffic is something you have to do all the time. Creating great content isn’t enough to make your website shine because without traffic, no one will know how great that content is. Methods of attracting visitors range from paid ads to publishing free presentations to launching an online educational course. Choose the ones that will work best for your business depending on the interests of your targeted audience.

And remember, you have to use every available option. Sticking to only one won’t let you generate enough traffic to make your blog profitable.

4 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic You Need to Try

1. Use guest blogging in every way

Publishing guest posts on popular blogs will definitely boost your credibility, build up important links, and help attract the readers of those blogs. This is a great way to boost relevant traffic from a truly interested audience.

However, many people focus on these benefits of guest blogging and completely forget about the other angle of this practice. Inviting others to post on your website is also extremely good. This helps fill your pages with high-quality content regularly. It also helps with link building and can increase the visibility of your website overall.

2. Update and maintain your archives

HubSpot statistics explain that about 10% of the posts on a blog are compounding. This means they continuously generate more traffic so eventually about 38% of all your organic traffic is coming from them.

Now go back to those posts you’ve written a year or five ago and take a good look at them. Do you cringe at how badly written they are? Do they contain facts/numbers that aren’t true today? Have you improved as a blogger enough to know how to make these posts better?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ you should go back and update those posts right away. Polish and correct them as you already know that they are generating more traffic all the time. Imagine how efficient they will become when they are optimized and improved.

Consider moving your website to a different hosting if your archive is big. You need to be sure that every page performs well and doesn’t crash, so be sure to find a highly reliable inexpensive web host. Some of the companies even offer assistance with migrating your website to make sure no precious pages are lost in transition.

3. Put more effort into your social media accounts

Your blog might be your pride and joy, but if you want those great posts to attract attention on social media, sharing won’t work. A HubSpot report indicates that the rates of click-through on social media have grown tremendously since 2014 (57% for Facebook, 25% for Twitter, and 21% for LinkedIn). This means that people notice an interesting post in their feed and click on it to reach the original blog post on your website.

The trick that will help you increase blog traffic through this route is optimizing posts for each network. This means creating small posts designed to stand out in specific feeds. For Twitter this means adding a stunning visual with a very catchy but also short description. For Facebook you’ll need to find a visual, come up with an attention-grabbing title, and write a short but intriguing summary. Every network has its specific requirements and tricks that you’ll need to research in order to optimize your posts well.

4. Launch webinars and classes

You can increase blog traffic by launching a new line of business that will refer to your blog as an aide. Creating webinars and online classes is a great way to benefit from the popularity of online education.

If your blog is dedicated to a single topic, like healthy eating, you can make a short course based on the research materials you used for some of the posts. Then, refer your students to the website for more information. Webinars can work the same way.

You can monetize your courses and webinars, which will boost your business overall. However, be sure to launch a few free or ‘freemium’ options as well. These will allow you to get more traffic overall as you won’t be limited only to the audience that can afford to pay for a course.

Remember, the key to increasing blog traffic is using every opportunity to the fullest.

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