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4 Ways to Find Content for Your Blog

You have started a blog and it is now live. “What is next” you may ask. Well, unless your blog has insightful content that helps readers, it is nowhere close to achieving your blogging goals. If you are new to blogging it is not rare to find yourself in dilemma on what to write. The good news is there are ways to help you find a topic that is interesting to your readers. In this article I have five tips on where and how you can find new ideas for your blog.

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Take Advantage of Google Alerts

Google has a great platform to start your blog and finding blog content. The Google Alerts allow you to monitor the entire web about the topics that draw netizens interested in your niche. It can be anything such as news about an industry or articles about e-commerce, social media, and entertainment. They are easy to use as well. When you sign up, you pre-select the topics or the keywords that you want to have updates on, and how often you want the updates to come to your knowledge. You can also choose how to limit the results. Provide your e-mail address and you are good.

Consider Guest Blogging

Guest blogging works vice versa. You guest blog on someone’s site, and others will also do the same. One advantage of guest blogging is the natural and excellent way of creating backlinks for your site. Another is to relieve yourself of the pressure or the mental block that every now and then afflicts bloggers. Do not forget to create a page on your blog for guest bloggers so they will not have a hard time finding how they can write for you.

Search Forums

Let us admit it, the search forums on the Internet serve as a breeding ground for coming up with new content. These are where people express their thoughts and emotions. They share issues that they are currently having. If you skim through the latest posts, you will read some arguments, current events, or questions. And these can be a good topic to write for your blog. The benefits for writing about them are many. For one, you will be on top of the SERP about it because many people are interested about the topic. For another, your topic can spark new ideas, which can be another topic for a follow up.

Open an Account with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a leading social media to promote a business, profession, and qualifications. It has an Answer Section, where members post questions. If you sift through the conversations, you can also find topics relevant to your blog or some topics that are interesting to readers. You can blog for a rebuttal on the arguments you read about. You can even join LinkedIn groups and participate in conversations that will be a topic for your next post.

So you see the above mentioned tips can sure help you find ideas to blog about. Just think for awhile and start writing!

Author BioLatasri is a passionate blogger who looks for ideas online to write about on her blog http://www.weightlossdiets4women.com. She is part of a team of enthusiasts who share information with fellow bloggers. You can visit her blog to know more about her. 

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