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4 Tips To Becoming A More Proficient Content Writer

Top Content Writing Tips

When I was in the process of earning my Masters in Creative Writing, I attended multiple seminars by preeminent authors in fiction, non-fiction, and screenwriting. Despite the differences in medium, these authors all held the same professional attitudes that made them successful. Now, as a content writer for an SEO company, I am putting those suggestions to use.

Countless guides and self-taught courses have been offered on how to be a good content writer, but very few offer the raw learning experience of the craft. Some of the suggestions I am about to share with you may sound clichéd. But, they all come from people who have implemented them to overcome their creative struggles.

1:- Be Authoritative

When users want to know how to register your business on a local business directory, you’re one of their go-to guys.

Writing in an authoritative voice means more than knowing the subject.  It involves presenting your facts in clear, declarative sentences. For example, “A smart meter features a ticking counter that acts like a speedometer on a car.” This statement gives a basic physical description of the subject’s attributes. It also references a similar object to drive home its function.

2:- Research What You Need

Doing research is the most exciting, yet treacherous phase of writing. In freelance writing, an editor will send you a general topic like, “Ways to Improve Your Self-Image,” and incorporate an anchor text with a link to a website related to the topic.

I recommend following the journalistic “inverted pyramid” method of resource management. Gather sources that reflect the main topic in the broadest sense such as wiki articles and product websites. Distill from them important facts that will make up the heart of the article (often found through backlinks). Finally, employ your side information for the final paragraph as a “call to action” for the reader.

3:- Set Realistic Goals

When you get down to writing, you get so caught up typing away that you don’t know where you started or will end up.

Since SEO writing emphasizes keywords to build search relevancy, make a list of these keywords before writing. These words act like a skeleton for your article. Weave your words around them so they don’t immediately jump out to the reader. Once you have run out of these words, then it is time to conclude your piece.

4:- Promote

So you have finished your work and are ready to release it into the World Wide Web. Whether you have or haven’t made that leap will depend on what kind of audience you plan on selling it to.

Go on any social media platform and search for trending topics. The subjects are varied based on the news of the day, but they are all topics that have been reposted and shared. Your first instinct is to plaster every digital wall with your work, but that could come on too strong. Choose your audience carefully. Start with your Facebook friends and then expand to groups familiar with your article’s genre.

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