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4 Tips To Ace Your Company’s Corporate Headshot Session

Corporate Headshot Session

If you’ve decided to employ a company like Kelly Weaver Photography to take corporate headshots for your employees, you’re on the right track as there are many benefits to having professional employee headshots. It denotes professionalism and it conveys strong messages across the board. However, they’ are just as easy to get wrong as any other type of photo or photo session. It’s important to keep some things in mind before you start looking for corporate headshots in Denver. Here are the most important tips you should hang on to as you conduct your search and then prepare for the photo session.

Keep lighting in mind

If you plan on having the photo session in the office space, keep in mind that the fluorescent lighting often found in office spaces is not going to do the photos justice. It might even hurt them considerably, which would be obviously bad for you. Choose a place that has great lighting, natural if possible. This will allow the photos to look their best and to display the best features in each employee that’s having their picture taken.

Schedule after lunch

The time right after when employees have had a chance to grab lunch and maybe a coffee or smoke break is the perfect time to start a headshot session because they are most relaxed then. If you catch attempt to do it in the morning, you’ll have a terrible surprise as no one really is in the mood for photos  on an empty stomach or without their morning coffee. These things will come out in the pictures and the results will be pretty underwhelming.

Give people their space

Some people might be stoked about the idea of having their headshots done. However, there might be many people that aren’t too fond of the idea. For them, it’s not going to be so easy or fun to get their photos taken especially if everyone else is looking. Make sure that they get their privacy and alone time with the photographer. If you really can’t arrange personal sessions, at least make it so that they go in one group at a time. It’s still better than having the entire staff stare at you as you try and look your best for the shot.

Don’t rush things

It might seem more productive to take as little time as possible with the headshots, but this will severely hurt their quality. The photographer needs their time to prep up each shot and come up with the best indications for the employee. The employee also will give a bad performance if they’re being rushed. Allow at least 10 to 15 minutes for the photographer with each individual employee for the best results.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you get the best out of your staff and also the best out of your photographer. Corporate headshots are great when they’re done well, so don’t rush things and be considerate about what those involved need in order to give their best.

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