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4 Things To Make Your Content Great for Readers and Google

Cannonball. When writing for the web, there’s a few key points you need to remember. Content needs to be all of these following 4 things if you want your page to not only rank higher on Google, but just be a piece of good content.

1# Have a point

This might seem like an obvious thing to mention, but it’s amazing how many articles will meander around without actually getting to the point. The point should be your content title. And you should be looking at it all the time whilst writing.

Relevant and interesting are two works you also need to keep in mind. Your content should start off with something interesting.

Did you notice I wrote ‘Cannonball’ as my first word?

Why? It was confusing right?

But you were thinking about it. Because I wanted you to think about it. Thinking means keeping your interest.

2# Be Natural

When you talk with your friends, you don’t sound like a television newsreader do you? So why should your blogging be any different. It’s not a press release. It’s a statement of your interests and opinion. So talk that way.

When writing blogs, they need to remain as natural sounding as possible. People will engage more because of this.

3# Layout

Huge solid chunks of text. They are not good. The average web user will scan a page for about 5 seconds. If you haven’t grabbed their attention by then, it’s too late. So make use of:

  • bullet points
  • small paragraphs
  • Short, punchy sentences
  • Images
  • Graphics

4# Reaction

This is linked to point 1. There should be some kind of reaction generated if you want your content to be successful. If it generates engagement through comments and sharing, then you are making it a more trusted resource in the eyes of search engines like Google.

This will increase your ranking and make you a much more authoritative resource.

Provoke your readers into debating and cross debating. Encourage opinions and ensure that you respond to comments.

If you do this, you can certainly make your content great; both for yourself and the internet.

Author Bio:- Amy is a graduate and is increasing her knowledge of SEO. She writes for Handd, providing file transfer security advice for online businesses. She loves Pinterest and going for country walks.

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