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4 Small Business that are killing it on Social Media

While it is no secret that the British economy is enjoying a significant recovery, this is not solely restricted to finance and GDP. It is also having a positive impact on small, independent and e-commerce based ventures, which now have the opportunity to scale upwards and evolve into more established businesses. There are some small businesses that are beginning to develop a significant following through social media, as they seek to capitalize on improved consumer sentiment and firmly establish their brand.

4 Businesses that are Driving Success through Social Media

With this in mind, let us consider four small businesses that are achieving sustainable success through social media interaction. Consider the following: –

Hawksmoor Steakhouse in London

According to contemporary trends, one of the key drivers of social media success is imagery, as the use of high definition photographs and audio-visual media are extremely effective at marketing products. Take Hawksmoor Steakhouse in London, for example, which utilizes its strong Facebook profile to display clear imagery of beautifully prepared dishes and elegantly presented tables. In short, it uses the power of imagery to promote the brands core products, and has built an engaged audience of more than 21,000 customers along the way.

Franktuary in Pittsburgh

Another key benefit of social media is that it enables small businesses to listen to their audience and interact with them in real time. This does not require large or significant financial resources, which at least partially explains why a growing number of independent firms are competing with more established rivals. Take the example set by Franktuary in Pittsburgh, who sell hot dogs directly to consumers and have developed an integrated social media profile across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It also features a weekly TuesdayTrivia hash tag, through which is responds to customer queries and provides followers with a unique insight into how food is prepared.

Damhorst Toys and Puzzles

Perhaps the single most important aspect of mastering social media is understanding that it involves a steep learning curve, as it takes time to fully appreciate your audience and the way in which they interact through the medium. This is a lesson that has been heeded by Damhorst Toys and Puzzles, whose owner has gradually developed the firm’s social media strategy to reach a motivated target audience. So not only do the firm now have a clear comprehension of which social channels provide them with access to their consumers, but they are also in a position to measure the effectiveness of this output and how it translates into direct sales.

Victory Auto Service and Glass in Minneapolis

In the current climate, social media also offers a unique opportunity for small businesses to target an entirely new consumer demographic. The Victory Auto Service and Glass repair business in Minneapolis provides a relevant case in point, as it has managed to target the female audience through its Facebook page and the promotion of a personal and family-orientated feel. As a consequence, more than 60% of the brands fans are now female, while it has also retained the majority of its original consumer base.

This article was written by Lewis, who is a technology blogger and researcher from the UK. Working alongside Custard in Preston, he has a passion for new innovations and how they impact on businesses nationwide.

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