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4 Proven Online Business Strategies

You can draw more business, if you can maximize your business presence online. Online business marketing strategies that concentrate on extending your product can be very useful for business development, and also for establishing a loyal and strong customer base.

But, not all online marketing strategies are really worth practicing as they are some strategies that promise very little or even no profit on your initial investment. There are few strategies that are proven to produce fruitful output if followed effectively. Here are 4 proven online business strategies that would definitely fetch you good results, if they are practiced precisely.

1# Opening a Business Account on Yelp

The first and the foremost thing, which many present day consumers do in the recent times, when they hear about a business is to check for expert reviews over the internet. Yelp.com has been considered as one of the top review sites online today, so it can be very powerful in cheering or discouraging consumers to purchase products from any particular company. Normal people make use of Yelp to gripe about companies or even to hum their admiration.

Besides reviews, you have a chance to create a business account on Yelp, which is a huge benefit to all business enterprises, as they can open their own account, and list out all prominent info concerned about their company and its services. Regular search engines like Google will rank your account on this website greater than the “about us” webpage on your own company’s website, so it has been proved to be very advantageous and result-oriented.

2# Post Videos

Video business marketing has been substantiated to be one of the best online marketing tactics for optimizing your online business existence. In most of the cases, YouTube searches surpass Google searches, as consumers prefer watching videos rather than reading reviews in the recent times. So, make sure to post your company and product related videos on some of the chief video watching websites including YouTube and Vimeo on regular basis.

3# Social Media Marketing

It is quite clear that you will hardly feel your business presence online, if you don’t make use of social media marketing business strategies. Facebook, YouTube, and many other present day media channels are now being explored more greatly than Google. So, it is always advisable to open accounts on various social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

4# Group with Top Ranking Websites

The basic internet rule is that “it is all about whom you know, so it becomes very important to network as much as possible with other high ranking websites online. In this process, you can obtain large number of inbound links to your website, and even you can get cross promotion chances.

Additionally, purchasing a Yahoo! directory listing may definitely be worth the money, though we won’t recommend this unless your business is 6months old, and is turning slightly profitable.

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  • theJKH

    March 17, 2012, 2:46 am

    Great information for businesses that are in the beginning stages of creating a presence online.

  • Kevin

    March 16, 2012, 2:35 am

    Thank you for these amazing and really useful reviews!


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