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4 Essential Features of an Efficient Web Hosting Service

You’re in tune with good business sense if you consider ecommerce web hosting solutions an important part of your online business. You don’t have to delve deeper into the technical details to find the best web hosting company, but it’s important you know the core criteria that determines reliable, efficient service. Free web hosting is an option reserved for personal web pages; there’s only so much you can do with the features, and you’ll need custom services once your online site involves features like purchasing, payments, and a customer database. Here are some of the factors worth considering in an ecommerce hosting company:

Server Speed Makes a Big Difference

Speed determines the quality of your customers’ experience. The dedicated servers must be fast enough to handle a surge of traffic at any given time. This is an essential factor in sites with plenty of products and services to offer, and the server speed ensures your site stays stable in spite of simultaneous transactions, browsing, and inquiries. Slow servers are easily overwhelmed with orders, which cause delays in processing. In worst cases, your website crashes with the load and times out, leaving customers disappointed and redirected to your competition.

Choose a Cost-Effective or User-Friendly OS

Your provider should use a user-friendly operating system. This is less of a problem if you’re not hands on with site maintenance, since the host usually handles the details and ensures your site is live and efficient round the clock. You need a convenient interface if you prefer to tweak details from your terminal, though, and web hosting companies usually offer this freedom with control panels and configuring software. Windows is fairly convenient, but the license to use it comes at a hefty cost. On the other hand, Linux is practically free but requires technical skill to operate. Choose a company with an operating system you can grapple with.

Security is a Priority

Your website’s security should be one of your top priorities, especially when you have so many customers and partners to protect. Transactions are made through your online site, and the process requires an exchange of financial and personal data. If your hosting service cannot block malicious software and hackers from your site, then your customers are vulnerable to identity thieves and scammers. There are plenty of ways to ensure your site is secure, anti-virus software, firewalls, and Secure Socket Layers included, and you should always have enough options to choose from.

Flexible Packages Make the Most out of Your Investment

Your hosting service should offer flexible feature packages. Smaller ecommerce sites require less storage space than big retail chains, and the difference is reflected on the cost of the service. The buffet of infrastructures, platforms, software, and security systems also involve overwhelming options, and you should be able to pick and choose as you please and come up with a custom combination for your site. Web hosting services aren’t really useful if you’re left to settle with only a few features.

There’s more to running an online business than this article can cover. You can also consider the features offered by ecommerce web hosting providers, wherein you’ll find all the staples and then some. Your online business thrives on efficiency, so make sure your hosting service delivers solutions that put you at par and ahead of the competition.

Author Bio:- Dave Carter runs a consulting agency for online businesses. He’s also into web hosting strategies and solutions, offering advice on how to set up, maintain, and improve ecommerce websites.

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