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4 Devastating Twitter Marketing Mistakes to be Avoided Under All Circumstances

Twitter can prove to be a great marketing tool and can bring in new supporters. But then, Twitter marketing must be carried out intelligently and remember that if you are not careful it can backfire. One aspect that you have to be aware about social media is that it changes very often due to which, people are not sure about the best practices, if they don’t get updated regularly. This is in particularly true for platforms like Twitter, which are more casual than other channels. Though there isn’t adept info about the best practices, experts have zeroed in on the worst practices for Twitter marketing.

To help you make the best out of promoting on this social media platform, here are 4 fatal Twitter marketing mistakes that one must avoid at all costs.

1. Not Keeping Your Personal and Business Life Separate

If you are using Twitter for marketing your business, ensure that you keep your personal and business life separate (avoid personal tweets like ‘hanging out with friends’). Your customers would not be interested in your personal life, but rather would want to know about latest business updates, handy tips, and other info that would benefit them.

That doesn’t mean you have to display a very serious tone, which can also turn out to be another fatal mistake that will make you sound too boring and disinterested all the time. Add a mix of news and humor in your marketing message- benefits are what customers get interested in; so text about what you have got to offer them, but in a friendly way. It is very important to uphold a strong marketing professional image and keep the conversation focused around your business, and not getting carried away beyond the business boundaries.

2. Avoid Tweeting with Your Company Logo

There are lots of ongoing arguments on whether it is good to tweet using a corporate logo in place of a human face. But, in general, it seems to be a bad idea, the reason being that Twitter is mainly based on generosity and conversations; it’s more of human-human interaction, which is the power source of Twitter. It is all about conversations between people and not between companies. Logos take the human communication out of the equation, and put the corporate feel instead. By just broadcasting your message through a brand image (expecting that someone will respond), you are just missing out the main advantage of staying on Twitter. So, avoid tweeting with your company logo, and prefer to put personal human image, so long as you don’t have any problems using your identity.

3. Blind Linking

The 140-character limit of Twitter is what makes it so popular and unique, in that it keeps the info and conversation flowing. So, keep the message to the point and brief and don’t tweet a link blindly without any description. Many people will presume that it will direct to a malware-infected page or a phishing site, and it can seriously harm your reputation as well.

4. Prefer Usage of Hash tags

Hash tags are shorthand of Twitter to find tweets in your area of interest. If you are not using them, it is not a good move and if you are using them in a wrong way, it is even worse. So, take time to comprehend what they are and use them in the right manner.


Keep these mistakes in mind and avoid repeating them so that you can benefit from this great social media marketing platform and see huge profits in your business. Again, Twitter should be used for branding rather than with the intent of generating leads and business revenues.

Author Bio:- Jolie is a social media marketing expert who runs his own SEO and Internet Marketing Firm which allows clients to buy facebook likes, and improve their reach on social media. A part from it he is also providing tips to improve website traffic.

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