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4 Content Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Content Marketing

Small businesses can vary from the town dentist to the bakery around the corner. Creating your own promotional content for a small business requires confidence in your brand. The success of that brand is relative to the niche you fill in your community.

Local businesses thrive by adding cultural and sentimental value to their local area. Building this reputation may take time away from your important business matters. With that in mind, here are four tips on how to integrate your content creation and marketing strategies.

Go Mobile

There’s a good chance people will find out about your business from surfing the internet. Most of that surfing is done via their smart phones on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. As the old timers say, “It’s what the kids are doing these days.” And, it’s also what the rest of the world is doing, too.

Be like the owners of “Incredible Popcorn” from Bloomsburg, PA, and set up a Facebook page for your business. Use your social media presence to post photos of your products. Include contact information that includes your address, phone number, and store hours. Build a following to increase referrals.

Pay close attention to review posts to better your products. Every “Like” and “Follow” is coming from a valued customer.

The Local Expert

We talked about using the internet to gain a following. How do you keep those regular customers?

If you excel in your profession, then you want to take ownership of that service. Become active in your trade’s community through online discussion forums or trade publications. Schedule appearances on public panels like the ones hosted by your local PBS station.

Create a blog to go with your website. Post regular updates on relevant projects and promote upcoming deals. Spice up your blog by adding videos showing your process. For example, if you’re selling homes in austin, then writing up a description of each listing will increase its chances of being found and sold.

Press Releases

Each milestone surpassed by your business is a momentous event. You should consider how big of an event it is and announce it accordingly. Press releases are a precious to small business owners and they get no mileage out of fatigued reporters.

Small business press releases work when they are told as human interest stories. If you run an animal rescue shelter, include some details and pictures of animals up for adoption at your location.

When finding a local reporter, make sure they’re someone who specializes in your field. A good resource is Cision’s Help a Reporter Out (HARO). HARO has a database of over 55,000 bloggers and journalists who’ve covered an array of topics for major publishers.

Community Events

Developing a following, speaking up, and getting your name out there are three local business essentials, but there’s an even better one.

Sponsoring a community event showcases the human side of your brand. Participate in charitable causes that align with the values of your customer base. If you are a private contractor, loan your skills to build houses for the needy.

Those positive leads will come when they notice the good work you’ve done.

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