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3G Is an Alternative to Fixed Line Internet?

3G may seem an interesting and cheap alternative for your regular internet line at home. But is it really?

It seems inevitable that mobile internet and classic Internet increasingly will push into the background. The mobile climbing ever higher speeds and the availability of 3G are better each month.

The theoretical speeds of HSPA (up to 14.4 Mbit / s) in Belgium and especially the Netherlands met are also more than enough to smooth surfing. Yet there are some things you need to take.

Fast 3G

If your home is not too much you download and internet usage under 2 GB per month, it can indeed be interesting to your regular ISP to turn out and exclusively for mobile internet to choose. The monthly fees are in many of the subscriptions are much lower.

You do not also take into account installation or connection charges, because everything goes through a SIM card. However, you should first check whether you have a fast 3G connection at home. Fortunately, a 3G router placed anywhere in the house, because no cables are needed.

3G throughout the house can safely share with a classic router, although there is an important condition: the router, 3G modem support. There is at this moment sometimes go wrong, because there are currently only a limited number of devices with 3G can handle.

Huawei is one of the producers who take the lead, with routers at speeds up to 28.8 Mbit / s (HSPA +) can handle. Ideal for the future, because the speed will be the coming years is likely to increase.

The built-in Wi-Fi-N signal also ensures that you are anywhere in your home you can enjoy 3G connection. The router has four LAN ports for anyone who likes his computer with a network cable.

On Displacement

Besides, there are mobile home routers to move your 3G connection to share with others. A good example is the D-Link DIR457. This router has an internal battery that you two hours of fun guaranteed internet. The only drawback is the limited support speed up to 3.6 Mbit / s.

Now that sounds a mobile router handy, but they are not very popular. Most Smartphone today almost all of whom called hotspot feature, allowing you your phone into a portable router. So share your mobile internet with others. More and more car brands now have in their list of options to move a hotspot function is ever to stay connected.

The improved external antenna, the reception is often better than traditional USB into your laptop, making this option increasingly used by people who want to go online.

In short, a mobile-Internet subscription may well be an alternative to fixed line internet, but you should be aware of the limitations. The download limits are much tighter and the rate is strongly dependent on the mobile host. Who does not download much at home and HSPA speed surfing, such a switching.

Author Bio:- Syed Qasim Abbas is part time tech blogger and owner of infovast.com. Now a days he is writing on different topics like android apps, tech articles, tech blogging. You can also write for infovast.com

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