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3D Mobile – Useless Gimmick or Handy Piece of Kit?

3D-enabled mobile phones are invariably substantial pieces of gear, but then again, we have to question whether bigger is always better.3D at your fingertips seems to be an exciting, Sci-Fi-esque concept, but is that all?

Best on the market

The two 3D phones currently dominating the market, the HTC EVO 3D and the LG Optimus 3D, boast a baffling myriad of features, gismos and perks, which aim to make your mobile experience as enjoyable as possible. The LG for example, models a dual-core 1GHz processor, which promises to deal with any task it faces. Also as standard is the 3D 720p video capture. This beast has 8GB of internal storage with potential for further expansion thanks to the SD card slot – both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are also a given.

3D or not 3D?

Without these added features though, the main point of differentiation remains the phone’s 3D capabilities. But how much does this facet actually distinguish these powerhouses of the mobile world from their supposedly lowly 2D cousins? For me; not much. Sure, it will keep you entertained and maybe even gain you kudos when waved in the faces of your friends, but the upshot is that mobile 3D is still in its infancy. The amount of time that the 3D interface kept me amused – about 30 seconds. Even apart from its looks, it doesn’t actually add any functionality, only novelty.

Enhancing gaming experience

On the other hand though, are the relatively scarce perks offered by the 3D technology. One of these is the in-phone gaming experience. In this sphere of use gold coins convincingly spill out of the screen, footballs fly realistically into a distant goal and racing cars skid believably around corners. Although in this sense the 3D does in fact improve the experience, it’s not worth committing yourself to a lengthy contract for.

Mobile versus static

The 3D mobile phone for me stands firmly in the shadow of 3 dimensional cinema and television. Furthermore, with a price tag of over £300 for the handset alone, these devices are disappointingly impotent. Although substantially more expensive, purchasing a HD 3D LED TV with interactive capabilities is no sunk cost. With Samsung SmartView technology revolutionizing the Television market, we can now browse, chat and watch all with one convenient gadget. The viewing experience and 3D capabilities of a home TV far surpass those of the mobile phone and, for now at least, represent the best return for those looking to explore the world of 3D.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Michael Smith from Electrical Discount UK.

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