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3 Websites You Need For A Perfect Road Trip

So, you’ve decided to drop everything for a week and have a good old road trip. Great idea! You’ve got the freedom of having no schedule, beautiful locations along the way that aren’t filled with bustling tourists, as well as the chance to finally listen to that ‘Road Trip Mix Tape’ you made years ago. But while you might have the enthusiasm for a road trip, you’re going to need a few other things first, like the obvious means of transportation, some handy car gadgets, as well as a good route to follow and appealing places to eat (if you’re not the cooking type).

We’ve put together a list of what we think are three essential websites to check before heading out on your epic road trip.

Vehicle hire

Vehicle hire Service

You’re not going to get very far on your road trip without wheels. You may already have a car, but if this is a road trip planned for you and three friends, then things might get a bit cramped with all the baggage in tow. That’s why we think an RV is the way to go. Not only are they much roomier than a standard sized car, but this is literally a home on wheels! No need to stay in seedy motels or overpriced hotels, as an RV can often house up to six people comfortably. Take a look at www.campanda.com, which allows you to find out if anyone is renting out an RV in your area, thereby making pick up and drop off incredibly easy.

Route planning

Route planning Online Service

Google Maps is of course a very solid route planner, but we prefer www.roadtrippers.com. This is because the site gives a lot of useful information such as estimated travel time, gasoline cost, and total miles. But another reason why we love Roadtrippers is because of the fun places it suggests to visit along the way, after all, a road trip is often about the journey, not the destination! You can filter by ‘Attractions,’ ‘Natural Wonders,’ and ‘Weird Stuff’ – all great opportunities for memorable photos no doubt.

Cafes and restaurants

Find Cafes and restaurants Online

After three hours in the vehicle, suddenly the piping hot Pepsi can and squashed cheese and ham sandwich you packed don’t look so appealing. A better option? Try local eateries and experience some cuisine that you may never get the chance to ever again. That’s why www.roadfood.com is such a useful website, as it lists all sorts of fantastic cafes and restaurants that are a bit off the beaten track. Maybe your entire trip could be based on finding the best pizzas in the country – now that doesn’t sound like the worst road trip ever.

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