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3 Ways to Utilize Social Media for Your Small Business

The internet has revolutionized the way in which a small business can operate. Advertising and marketing used to be the very backbone of a small business- as well as through word of mouth and other factors- and it used to take money in order to get advertising. But, these days a small business can advertise through the internet without a middleman to deal with. Instead, small business owners can run their own website domains, their own blog posts and essentially build their audience and establish their reputation all on their own. Even so, some small businesses opt to hire a person to take care of their social media presence, but it can be done on your own. All it takes is a little time to learn, some experimentation and practice, and then you or any other small business can get on social media and start attracting new customers to their business.

1. Establish a unique brand voice

Sometimes just selling a good product or running a good business is good enough for a small business, but in order to garner a following on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you need to offer something unique and entertaining, so people will actually pay attention to your small business’ social media profile more so than the hundreds and thousands of other posts and updates they get. Having something to say- whether it is insightful, informative, humorous or entertaining, is the best way to garner a good following on social media sites- you need to have something to offer. The goal is to give your small business a voice, an identity on social media sites, so that people can connect with your business personally, rather than it being some nameless, faceless entity on the internet- like almost everything else.

2. Establish a reputation

The next thing to do on social media is to give your business a reputation, a consistency that people can expect from your business and its social media identity. These days, it is not enough for a small business just to be a small business, in the end the small business should stand for something- whether it is a commitment to the community in which it resides, or some charitable or political stance. Consumers like to align their buying habits with their personal beliefs, so thus they like to know what a small business stands for in today’s world.

3. Find a battle

The best way to establish a voice and reputation in today’s business climate is to expose your fans to the things you do not agree with. For example, an organic food co-op may post articles about the dangers of genetically modified and processed foods on their social media site, or the local coffee store will post articles about why Starbucks sucks, etc. In essence, you will be defining your small business by what it is not, as well as what it actually is today.

Author Bio:- Terry is a stay at home dad. He writes a lot about online marketing mba schools and other education related topics.

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