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3 Ways to Share Videos, Pictures and Music on Twitter

Just like facebook you can also share your favorite pictures, videos and music on your twitter account with your followers. You can promote your blog through videos, you can share your personal pictures and if your business is about music then you can promote your business on twitter. Twitter is a very useful and powerful media to promote your business, we should not neglect its power, but the only thing you need is to increase followers.

Twitter is all about followers, and followers are those peoples who are interested in your business. They are waiting for your latest tweets, pictures and other important updates. But what if you would like to send videos, pictures and music to your followers.

It is simple and easy. You can use the below 3 application which will allow you to share videos, pictures and music on twitter.


share videos on twitter12seconds is a very handy application which allow you send videos to your twitter followers. You can record videos using webcam or any other device, but the video should not exceed 12 second limit. It means you can only share videos of 12 seconds (Just like 140 character). So be sure to convey your important message in only 12 seconds.


share pictures on twitter

Sharing pictures on twitter is not a very difficult job. You can use TwitPic to upload all your pictures and share with your followers. The only thing you need is to upload your pictures and TwitPic will automatically tweet the links for your followers. You can also draw graffiti on TwitPic.


share music on twitter

One of the most useful and important tool for twitter users is twittytunes. You can share music and other tunes with your twitter followers using the power of twittytunes. Share any kind of tunes with your followers and enjoy twitter.