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3 Ways to Make The Most Out Of Your Old Books

Turn Old Books to Cash

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They definitely are believed to be our best friends. Be it story books or books of academia; this source of knowledge is unparalleled. While not many people have hordes of story books at their houses, textbooks are sure to be found.

Education systems around the world encourage students to purchase and use personal textbooks over borrowing from the library. What’s worse is that there is no provision for giving them back. This leads to accumulation of resources at one end. While there are several students who cannot afford new textbooks. Alas! There is no way the two ends of the spectrum could connect.

Technology has enabled our lives greatly. What seemed impossible or unsustainable until a while back can now be achieved with ease. An area that has not been left untouched is the world of books. Today, technology can be used to make the most out of your old books. If you are looking for an inspiration, here are a few ideas that may appeal to you:

  • Selling Books Online: Wouldn’t it be a marvel if not only could you get rid of your old books but also earn money from it. Booksrun is an amazing platform that enables the selling of old books. The process is extremely hassle free and easy to execute. There are several payment options that are available that ensure your money reaches you safely. One of the premier websites in this domain, undertaking business with them is sure to reap great rewards. There are a wide variety of options available as to which books you would like to sell. The website Booksrun also enumerates the ways in which they can be put back to use.
  • Charity domains: There is nothing nobler than giving it back to the society. Like we discussed, there are several children out there who wish to study but lack the resources to turn their dreams to reality. Now there are several NGOs that work towards making education for all a reality. You can easily partner with any of them to give away your books to those in need. While there may not be any monetary returns, the feeling is unparalleled. Not only does it makes you feel empowered but also reiterates faith in the concept of doing well. This is an option which is not too heavy for your pocket and will still reap great rewards.
  • Using textbooks as a tool for online tutoring: Online tutoring is a concept that has spread like wildfire. No longer is being a tutor restricted by distance. You can get online and sign up as a tutor on various websites. Resources for teaching the students are something you absolutely need not worry about. You can use your old textbooks as reference material. Isn’t this a million dollar idea to earn money?

Books are sacred and definitely should not be just put away. Technology controls a greater portion of our lives. This time let’s use it for the greater good.

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