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3 Types of YouTube Videos That Catch More Traffic

By now, you have decided which product to promote and the keywords you will be targeting right? Then you’re on track. If not go back and get this done as there is no point in proceeding without that. Okay, you have these ready. Now time to say “Start Camera, Action!”

There are three ways you can make videos. We suggest you do all the three. Trust us, your 10th video will be many times better than your first video. So, don’t hesitate to experiment. Don’t look to make it perfect the first time.

1. Video Type A – Face on Screen Videos

Face on Screen Videos

Don’t worry about your personality, rather misunderstood as personal beauty. The real personality lies in your confidence, lies in your tone and the content you have to deliver. Unless you look like a monster (just kidding), don’t worry about showing your face on video. Humans are social animals and people always love and trust to hear something recommended by a real person. Have your script ready. Practice a couple of times, you will end up with an unbelievable video. That’s it, simple 2 steps to action.

2. Video Type B – Screen Capture Videos

Screen Capture Videos

If for any other reason (probably not because of looking like a monster LOL) you don’t want to show your face, this is the next best option! Screen capture videos work great if you are dealing with charts / figures that can represent your idea better. In this case too, we would suggest you show your photograph in the introduction slide. People at least know who is talking right?

Tip: Camtasia is a great tool, but comes at a cost. You can also use the Free Windows Movie Maker tool.

3. Video Type C – Animoto Videos

Animoto Videos

Creating Animoto videos is pretty simple and comes with a lot of features that help to make your video look like a pro. Create a free account in Animoto and you’re done. You just have to select the images, add a sound track and publish your video to multiple sharing platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Tip: Take a snapshot or print screen of your PowerPoint presentation and give an edge with Animoto.

How about having your video getting a massive response on YouTube? You have a trick and few smart steps to get this happen. One of the best places to start is Yahoo Answers! Go there and look for discussions / questions on your Niche and get to know what people are often asking. Spend some time to know what they are expecting. With a little more research, you can come up with a great video that may likely create a storm.

If you are able to make one such video in your niche, your site will explode with traffic which would have probably taken a lot longer with conventional Google SEO! Hope you got the catch!

Author Bio:- Charles West is a professional content writer and blogger since last 2 years. I have writing expertise in technology and certification topics specially. I love to share that recently I passed my 642-994 exam from VMware. Thanks for reading.

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