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3 Twitter Tools for Measuring Your Company’s Social Success

It’s true – not every person and company has a need for social media analytics.

But if you or your business have implemented any type of a Twitter strategy, then having a reliable measuring and reporting tool is critical in judging your setbacks and successes. All three of the following tools can be used to do just that while also being able to dig deeper into important analytics.


social success tracking

A location map of Joe Biden’s followers using Followerwonk.

1# Buffer App

The main function of Buffer is to schedule your tweets to go out at the best possible time – for instance, the time when the largest amount of your followers are on Twitter.

But an underrated feature of Buffer is its Analytics section. For each tweet you schedule in Buffer, the Analytics section will use Bit.ly (or another link-shortening service) to analyze your tweets and the links included in your tweets. For each tweet, you’ll find the number of:

  • Retweets
  • Mentions
  • Potential users reached
  • Favorites
  • Clicks

2# Followerwonk

Followerwonk was recently purchased by SEOmoz, and the tool remains a must for anyone trying to implement a Twitter strategy.

Between searching for power users, its own “Social Authority” metric to rival Klout and its useful charts and graphs, there’s tons to love. Not to mention a lot more than meets the eye as you keep using the tool. Here are some of its best features:

  • Searching Twitter bios: Search by keyword(s) and options to find targeted users to follow.
  • Analyzing followers by location: Want to know where your followers or another user’s followers are located? It’s easy, go to the “Analyze followers” tab and type in a Twitter handle. This will give you an idea of users to target in correlation with their location.
  • Analyzing followers by Social Authority: This metric – unique to Followerwonk – puts a big emphasis on retweets. Unlike Klout, SEOmoz has released a lot of information about its algorithm. It’s a great way to find power users who you’ll want to target and keep track of.

3# SproutSocial

Want some useful Twitter reports that sum up your Twitter progress? You’ll find it with SproutSocial. You can specify the timeframe to pull statistics on followers, mentions, messages, clicks, retweets, engagement, influence, and demographics.

Besides the reporting feature, SproutSocial has some other excellent features, such as its “Discovery” tab. It’s here where you’ll find a list of new followers that you can sort to see your most “influential” new followers. Furthermore, you can keep track of the users you’ve interacted with and the users who have mentioned you in their tweets.

However, the best part may the “Cleanup” section. This shows you users who haven’t tweeted recently and users who tweet irregularly. It also shows users who don’t follow you back.

Author Bio:- This post was written on behalf of Revolution Analytics by Bryden McGrath, a social media strategist and copywriter from Seattle.

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