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3 Tools for Social Media Success

With most industries moving into the online space, a focus on social media is a natural progression for their online marketing and business success, but how do we define success online?  We need to think about this before we start deciding which tools we need achieve our business and marketing goals. Lets think about some of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself before we get started.

Do you want more sales leads?  Do you want your customers to love you online? Recommend you? Talk about your products?  Ideally we want all of these things, but they don’t just happen by themselves!

There’s so many tools out there so think about it like this. You need to find the right tool for the right job, but to help you out we’re working with some of the basics in social media to get you started. We’re assuming you know the basics of Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media networks you choose for your social media presence.

Let’s go over management and monitoring packages that help you discover and respond to your customers needs.

Sprout Social

This is a great entry level web-based management tool with enough data to inform the most basic activities online. It has a simple user interface and a strong customer relationship focus, letting you effectively communicate with your customers online. One of the things I love about Sprout Social is the brilliant reporting tool that produces high quality reports with visualised data in graphs, tables and trend charts.


Hootsuite is a more in-depth tool for those with large existing social networks with a specific focus on Twitter interaction. The interface is set up in ‘streams’ that let you easily monitor multiple networks or social media accounts. You can also produce and automate a content schedules using an Excel spreadsheet.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts will keep you informed on the relevant content to your brand. Just enter some keywords or topics to the list and Google emails you the content that mentions your brand. It’s a pretty nifty tool and helps you keep your finger on the pulse and track what people say about you online.

The most effective tool is entering the social media space with a clear resolve of your objectives and a grounded understanding of how it gets done. If you need some more advice, feel free to contact the social team at Optimising for some FREE advice.

Author Bio:- Belinda Darling is a copywriter working with Optimising. We are a leading digital marketing agency committed to ensuring a positive return from clients online presence.

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