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3 Tips for Video Blogging

These days’ video blogs are fast becoming a trend, and users are finding more ways than one to use web videos online. It is now common to see amateur bloggers and professional presenters are incorporating video blogs to increase the traffic flow for their websites. I would like to give out a few important pointers on how to create and present a video blog.

Plan your Medium

For people who do not have a clue about what a video blog is! A video blog is quite similar to any written blog. The only difference between a video blog and an written blog is that if the author feels, it is a better way of expressing his/hers point of view through a video or a short film then the author posts a relevant video of the subject matter and is open for discussion.  It is true most people tend to watch a short video rather than read a blog; this makes it very interesting for both, authors and the audience to interact.  Once you start directing traffic to your site, it is important that you update your videos on a regular basis. All the videos should be on the subject matter and should retain the actual message the author is trying to convey to his audiences.

Get your Audience to Interact

A video blog is also known as a “VLOG”. A video is the best medium to do deliver a message, and attracts anyone’s attention more than a written article. To form a connection with your audience, you need to get them involved by asking them to decide on topics that can be discussed, get their opinion on how things can be done differently and give out small gifts or prizes like gift coupons or movie tickets for the regular viewers who give useful inputs on topics and for viewers who interact on a regular basis. The idea is to get the audience to be your friends, for that you will have to be easy to approach. So start catering to their questions with relevant solutions. Only when you start asking questions the viewers are bound to reply and if they find they are getting a positive feedback they are inclined to return.

Use Current Topics

There has to be a reason for people to watch your video blog. You need to create a sense of urgency for your vlog by giving regular updates of news and events as and when it happens including latest developments related to the blog subject. If you continue to give regular updates, rest assured the users will check out your vlog to get firsthand information.The make video content enjoyable for viewers universally is the content should convey a positive message to the viewers.  The content in away should educate the viewers.  Your video blog has to be entertaining so it is always good to add a touch of humor to your content. It always helps to be yourself and have confidence in the content you present. Lots of time and effort is required to create a successful Vlog, you should not lose hope if some of your vlogs fail initially. Practice makes things perfect eventually.

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