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3 Tips for Building More Effective WordPress Websites

WordPress is a fantastic website platform – not just a blogging platform, but a great content management system to run very complex and high-traffic websites. But all that flexibility comes at a price: sometimes the tool can lead websites that are just not effective. And by effective, I mean converting visitors into customers. But here are three tips to help you make the most of your WordPress site.

3 Tips to Build Effective WordPress Blog

Understand your Sales Channel

No matter if you’re selling products or selling services, your website is mostly like a sales tool, right? The thing is that people don’t just walk up to your website and click buy – you have to walk them though the steps in the sales cycle. Each of you will have a different number of steps, usually more steps for the more expensive (or more risky items). Sit down in your customer’s shoes and explore how you get to the purchasing decision. Then try to navigate the site using that map; is it easy to get from one step to another? Is it easy to get distracted? What are all the options for getting from start to finish?

Keep It Simple

With all of the WordPress plugins, widgets, and a plethora of themes, it is far far far too easy to go overboard. Take a printout of your website and take a hard look at every single widget and icon and graphic or video. Does it add to the experience, or is it just adding buzz? A website should look good and professional, yes, but it doesn’t have to resemble a Hollywood film in order to deliver your sales message. The most effective websites (Google itself being one of them) embrace a less is more stance. Try it – you might find it refreshing.

Launch, Test, Launch, Test

I tend to over analyze website organization and design before launch. However, I’m slowly moving towards the Google methodology, which is to launch, then monitor and test and tweak. Wash rinse repeat. The thing is that sometimes, you just can’t see what is going to work and what isn’t until you put it out there and try it. Also, you can get customer feedback on mock-ups and flat designs, but you cannot 100% accurately predict

Great, effective websites are not set-it-and-forget-it businesses. Get organized, monitor your performance, and tweak as you go. Your WordPress site will thank you for it.

Author:- Andy Hayes is the managing director travel online marketing company Travel Online Partners. They offer a popular website review service to make your website more effective.

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