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3 Things to Consider to Enjoy the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

A projector can provide the ultimate home theater experience that you’ve long been wanting to have. When it comes to choosing a projector, though, you wouldn’t want to settle for just any brand or model you see in the market, espeically since these devices do not come cheap. Once you have made the decision of getting a projector to complete your home entertainment system, there are three important things you need to consider before actually purchasing one. So what are these three things?


First is the brightness or the light output of the projector. Generally, most models of projectors have a brightness rating of up to 2500 lumens. The brightness rating of the projector you should get would depend on the size of the screen and the amount of light in your entertainment room. Most projectors can provide enough brightness for a fully-darkened room. For a partly-lit room, however, you would want to make sure that you get a projector with a high brightness rating. This is also true if you are projecting in a surface other than a projector screen. The wall in your room, for example, cannot produce enough reflection than a projector screen and may affect the quality of the picture you are projecting.

Contrast Ratio

Next to the light output is the contrast ratio. Contrast ratio refers to the luminance or the photometric measure of white color to that of the black color the projector can produce. Ideally, you should desire for a projector with a high contrast ratio because this aspect determines the quality of the picture you are viewing, espeically if you are viewing in a slightly lit room. When you are viewing a picture in a room that is slightly lit, some of the amount of light is reflected back into the display, lowering the contrast ratio of the image. If you have a projector with a very high contrast ratio, however, this should not be a problem at all.


The third and final factor you need to consider when buying a projector for your entertainment room is the device’s resolution. In simple words, resolution is the number of pixels that can fit in a display monitor. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the picture in the video you are watching will be. For most high-definition projectors, the resolution is usually 720×1080 pixels.  For the optimum viewing, you would want to consider a projector with the highest resolution as possible.

Now that you know the three most important factors to consider when shopping for a projector, you can now enjoy an ultimate home theater experience with your family.

Author’s Bio: Harry Shane is an online shopping expert and blogger, offering practical tips and ways to get the best bargain for shoppers around the world. He recommends GetPrice comparison website for a good source of cheap products online.

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