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3 Technologies That Will Change Your Life

In today’s modern world, we are seeing several jumps in technology that impact our daily lives and change the world around us. As we see the newest smartphones, tablets, computers and day to day technologies consistently improve, it leads us to ask, if there are any current technologies that will change our life for the better. To answer that question, here are our three favorite technologies that have changed our lives and we feel they may change yours as well.

life changing technologies

1# The Cloud

By now, many people have heard of the cloud but not many of us have implemented it and taken advantage of its several benefits. With its converged infrastructure, inexpensive pricing and virtually unlimited computing power, cloud computing can offer incredible benefits that can change your life.

People who are already using the cloud have reported that they feel safer storing their prized virtual items such as emails, photos, music, videos and important documents on the cloud and are excited to continue using the cloud to store their things. With the Cloud’s converged infrastructure, it can also provide everyday computing such as software as a service and access from anywhere in the world.

We are expecting to see more Cloud access from anywhere across the globe with a new development that is in the making from DELL. This project, titled Project Ophelia will allow cloud users to access their personal computers from anywhere there is internet access, much like they would their Facebook or even bank accounts. This will change how people access their information and lead to more connections, faster accessing of information and increased cloud use… all of which will simplify and change your life for the better.

2# Low Power Sensors

Over the last few years, we’ve seen newly built homes begin to implement sensor and home systems such as Control4. These programs can allow access from smartphones, tablets or in home screens that offer the ability to manage home temperatures, turn off lights and even set home alarms. Now we are seeing trends in low power sensors that are installed within a home, allowing homeowners to speak to the house and have the home speak back.

This is accomplished through placing tiny (low power and long lasting) sensors within a home as well as on the exteriors, allowing from optimum assistance in a home. Think about losing a set of keys… instead of tearing the house apart looking for them, homeowners are now able to ask the house and the sensors will find the keys, pinpointing them for you to find.

These technologies are expected to progress even further as they are beginning to be used on new cars. Newly installed traffic light systems and even in wine cellars. A good example of these sensors being used in cars are the programs that allow for voice commands, sensing your individual needs and responding back to you as the driver. As technology continues to improve we’ll see more sensors used in daily life, thus changing how we interact with the objects in our lives at an everyday level.

3# Applications and Search Results Based on Context

Contextual results based search engine applications are the newest technologies to change the everyday life of humans around the world. The new search engine techniques are based on real time and can provide information based on current things being said. This can include implementing geographical locations and scouring the web for new information that is spreading. For example, if someone tweets or posts a video of being stuck in traffic, the search results presented for your current location can list that traffic jam and how to avoid it.

This also works for displaying special deals or offers around your location or even knowing how long of a wait until the next bus arrives at your particular stop. This new type of search engine application offers user what a typical Google search can’t and is applicable to improving and saving time in everyday life.

Three Technologies Changing Your Life

These and other jumps in technology will impact our daily lives. With our list of three favorite technologies that have changed our lives, we can see the daily life of Americans and humans across the globe being changed for the better. Through cloud computing, search results based through context and sensors we will see our lives changing and improving now and in the coming years.

What future technologies are you most excited about?

Author Bio:- Brian Jensen works with Dell and has a passion for learning and writing about all things Cloud Computing and converged infrastructure. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with his family.

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