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3 Small Business Social Media Tips to Implement Immediately

So you’re past the basics of some of your small business needs. You’re comfortable with your daily routine, you’ve hired a respectable SEO company and you’ve made strides in PPC. What’s next? Well, it’s what you’ve been putting off for so long – a social strategy. These three social media tips are steps you should start implementing right away.

social media tips

Optimize your businesses’social profiles

Or if you haven’t already, start by creating them.

I’m talking about Facebook pages, Google+ for business, LinkedIn company pages, and Twitter. If your business fits into the visual category well, then go ahead and create a Pinterest account. Then start optimizing: Include links to your homepage, keep your address and business name consistent across the internet, and don’t forget to include your businesses’ phone number.

Set-up Google+ Local

Want people to be able to find your business using Google Maps? Of course you do.

That’s why setting up Google+ Local is so crucial. Find Google+ Local pages by logging into Google+ and clicking on the “Local” tab on the left. Search for your business and then click “Manage this page.” Eventually, you’ll want to merge your Google+ Local page with your Google+ business page (sort of confusing, I know). At the very least, be sure to update your Google+ Local page with the basics mentioned above – it’s simply another page to optimize.

Location-based social like Foursquare

Let customers interact with your business!

Location-based social like Foursquare

The location-based social network Foursquare allows users (many of whom are very dedicated) to check-in to the places they go. It’s sort of like a game – each individual location has a mayor (the user who has checked-in at that location the most) and users get points for each check-in. But the app is also much more for your business.

Foursquare encourages users to leave tips and “Like” specific locations, meaning customers are recommending businesses to their friends and strangers. Furthermore, Foursquare’s new “Explore” feature suggests places for users to go based on check-ins, likes, tips, and time of day. If your business isn’t on Foursquare, then your business is missing out on visibility.

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  • Arslanh

    November 4, 2012, 1:00 pm

    Setting up a profile is really important and counts in your overall SEO, I had been ignoring google+ but now finally i have made a profile for my website 🙂


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