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3 SEO Tools Everyone Should Know

There are literally hundreds of free SEO tools on the web, and many of them can be extremely useful in different ways if you know how to use them. Obviously these three are by no means a complete list of the tools you can use to your benefit, but they are representative of some of the finer points of SEO. Each one depicts a specific aspect of helping a search engine rank well. When used together these tools can help you monitor and improve the way your website ranks.

Check Your Rankings

The first step to improving your rankings is becoming aware of where you rank now. If you’ve been checking Google results to see where you rank it’s time to shorten up the process. The SEOBook Free Rankings Checker is a huge help for anyone that wants to track their rankings on multiple search phrases. Simply sign up for a free account and download the ranking checker. Then enter any number of phrases that you’d like to monitor and save the list. Then with one click of a button you can check rankings daily, weekly or however often you wish. You can also export the results into spread sheets for tracking over time.

Clean uUp Your Site

Even people who pay the utmost attention to their on-page content insuring title tags are descriptive and keyword density is natural, may over look other details. Many websites with a lot of pages have more broken links than they may realize. And one really simple on-site technique for improving Search Engine crawlability is cleaning up these loose ends. The Xenu link Sleuth is one of the best free tools online to help with that task. This tool also must be downloaded, but then it can be used to generate easy to read reports. Properly re-directing broken links, and analyzing your site architecture helps to optimize your site for spiders and users alike. But it also helps ensure that you have no wasted incoming links. If someone was linking to a page on your site that no longer exists you are gaining no benefit from that link. But when you find and re-direct broken links you can pass that power on to other worthy pages of your site.

Build Links

Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO for any website, in any industry. Even though link building tactics may vary from niche to niche, no matter what your subject is, this tool can help you find potential link targets. The Solo Link Search Tool takes your keyword phrases and generates a number of pre-linked Google searches for a number of different queries. While you still need to go through the results by hand, the tool takes the time out of brainstorming searches. Popular searches that include standard terms like “add a link” or “submit a URL” are easy places to start, but be sure to have a compelling reason a webmaster should add your link before sending an email. It will help increase the likelihood that your link will get posted.

These tools will get you started on some of the most important aspects of SEO, but make sure to spend some time perusing the web and experimenting with other free tools. You’ll find a huge variety of tools that can help you analyze everything from load time to meta tags. The more experience you get with using various tools, the more you will be able to find the ones that will make your day to day life infinitely easier.

Author:- Jessica is a writer for Reputation Observer an online reputation management platform based in Germany, as well as the French version of Reputation Observer. She is a long time writer and SEO with a concentration on link building and social media management.

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  • Himanshu

    March 10, 2011, 10:43 pm

    building links is the most important one of them all. as the main goal is to bring traffic which is becomes better with link bulding.


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