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3 Reasons Why You Need a Waterproof Camera for Summer

2011 is certainly the year of waterproof gadgets. There’s the waterproof MP3 player, waterproof earphone, liquid resistant phone casings to the most anticipated gadget of the year — waterproof cameras. It seems like cameras and other electronic gadgets will no longer be ruined by water in the coming years.

But for those of you who still wonder if the higher price of a waterproof camera is worth the investment, here are 3 reasons why you need the gadget for summer.

waterproof camera

They Let You Take More Pictures

When it comes to water, no other cameras can come close to the performance and fun of waterproof cameras.

While your high end DSLR takes much better pictures, it won’t be as handy and as water tolerant as your rugged waterproof camera. Think about it. The reason why you have cameras is for you to take photos. But why limit your shots to just land pictures when 70% of earth is covered in water?

With a tough camera, you could take the picture of your kids swimming in the pool, enjoying a soccer game out during the rain or snap a picture of your girlfriend snorkeling beside a giant turtle in Bali.

Most people who have a DSLR and a rugged waterproof camera confess that they enjoy and take more pictures with a waterproof camera than their heavy and expensive DSLR.

They are Tough

If you use your camera with your kids, you know what happens. They’ll use the camera like it is a hard cover book. But if you have a rugged waterproof camera, bumps and falls shouldn’t be a problem.

Those with high end rugged cameras will tell you that theirs could handle cold as well as dust. That’s why most explorers or outdoor adventurers take waterproof cameras with them. They could toss it into their backpack without worries. Some are even crushproof.

The only thing that they cannot handle is heat. So make sure you put your camera in your bag instead of leaving it on the sand.

They are easy to use

Unlike underwater cameras, waterproof cameras are normal land camera but with added water resistance built into the gadget. Thus, they are not as difficult to use or need a special casing like an underwater camera. In fact, they are just as easy as your normal everyday compact.

To take pictures underwater, just change your camera mode into underwater mode and the internal computer in the camera will automatically set your camera to the best mode for taking pictures of fish or corals.

Some smart, high end cameras are equipped with snorkel mode. This mode could detect whether you are underwater or on land and adjust the camera setting accordingly. This way you get great pictures on land and underwater.

There are a great number of waterproof cameras in the market today. Some costs less than a hundred dollars while the top end could cost you nearly four hundred dollars.

It does not matter which one you choose. The most important thing is to use your camera to the limit and enjoy every single second you have with it. Take more pictures. And capture more memories. But you can only do that if you now go out and get yourself a waterproof camera first.

Author Bio:- Iskandar writes for the Waterproof Camera Reviews website. You can head on to the site to read tips and see sample pictures from such rugged cameras.

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  • Down Or Just Me

    August 17, 2011, 3:51 am

    I used to love my waterproof camera… Until I left it at the pool!! 🙁 I need another one!


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