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3 Organic Ways to Boost Your Search Engine Traffic

Building organic search engine traffic has tended to grow complex over time. Many SEO experts have created blog posts dedicated to teaching their readers the best practices of organic search engine traffic building. The interesting aspect of it is that when you’ve put much effort doing the right practices, your results will be paid.

While there are over a hundred and one search engine traffic generation tips out there, the ones I’m about to share with you have been tested and proven to be effective, so far you do it in the right niche. This also brings us to selecting a niche and building your search engine traffic in the nature of the niche you operate in.

Build Natural One-way backlinks

To make you understand the meaning of one way backlink, this is the method of link building wherein the site linking to your site is not expecting a reciprocal action from you. In other words, a one way backlink is a link that you get from a site without having to reward the site by putting a link to it on yours.

While on the other hand, reciprocal link exchange is the act of two or three blogs reaching a mutual agreement to have links each other’s blog pointing to their blogs respectively. While this method also helps to increase the number of backlinks a site has, it is not as rewarding has building one way backlinks naturally.

Building one way backlinks to your blog impacts the growth of your search engine rankings rapidly.

One of the best ways to build one way backlink to your site is by guest posting for blogs. By guest posting for blogs, you are rewarded with one or two backlinks to your site which result in natural one way backlinks.

Use Google+ to Support your Backlinks

With the improvements Google has being making on its search services by integrating its social media site Google+ into the ranking keys for websites, you can now use it to strengthen your site’s backlinks. If you haven’t been sharing your blog posts recently, this is the best time for you to start doing so.

Google’s search engine result pages are now influenced by the +1 button. Using the +1 button is one of the easiest ways to share your links on social media, yet it seemed very effective in SEO too. Grab this opportunity and start increasing your search engine results on Google.

Write Link-Bait Contents

Over the years, success has been measured online by the amount of backlinks and shares a site/blog gets on the internet. A great way to give your site a boost in search engine traffic is by getting it shared and linked back to by several other bloggers. This can be done by writing link-bait articles.

Link bait articles are articles that the readers see that are worthy of sharing on the social circles and on their blogs too. You can use link bait articles to get more natural and organic backlinks to your blog, without having to break a sweat.


The basis of this post is to try out the points that I’ve shared in this blog post and be consistent in it, and by doing so you’ll be rewarded with high search engine rankings.

Author Bio:- Peter writes for opendoorloan.co.uk, a site that gives futher information about open door loans.

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