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3 Must Use Personal Privacy Tools

Personal privacy is a big deal these days because of the world we now live in. We live in a world where everything you do online can be tracked, and you never know exactly who is tracking you. We live in a world where the government uses spy drones, which fly very high in the air, to spy on people without them knowing. We live in a world where all of your personal information can be hacked into by anyone, at anytime, without our knowledge that it ever happened. Indeed, privacy has taken on a whole different definition since the invention of the internet and its widespread use. These days, people have to be more savvy when it comes to protecting their personal privacy, and in order to do that more and more people have turned to using the technology in their favor, rather than just being a victim of privacy invasions through the use of technology. The world we live in also has many options for tools that people can use to help guard themselves from personal privacy invasions.

1. Spyware Removal programs

These programs are must owns in today’s world. The personal computer is the biggest risk you have of getting your private information stolen or hacked. The computer records everything, and most people just ignore it, thinking nothing will ever happen to them, but sometimes it does. Most computers come with spyware removal program, but some of them are only trial offers and will expire unless you buy them. Operating systems sometimes will have one built in for free, or there are some free options online. Do some research to see what kind of program would work best for you.

2. Encryption

When most people hear this word, they think of some kind of high-tech industry or something- in which computer hackers are trying to get to any nook or cranny that they possibly can in order to steal your information. But, encryption is a great way to store information, and it is not really as hard as it sounds. It is like making a password, which is much stronger and safer than just using a password. If you have any computer geeks nearby, they would probably be the best people to talk to about encrypting your personal data. This is one of the only surefire ways that no one will ever get any of your personal information from your computer. Encryption is not just for spies and hackers anymore.

3. Change your privacy settings

Every web page you ever use has privacy settings, and they have probably never even been touched. The problem with this is that the default settings are usually geared toward sharing your personal information with third parties. You can usually access the privacy setting pretty easy, and then you can adjust them from there. Sites like Facebook and other social media web sites, as well as search engines like Google tend to have pretty lax protections in place for personal privacy.

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