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3 Must Use Personal Finance Websites

If there is one great thing about living in the internet age, it is the fact that a person has a wealth of information and knowledge at their fingertips. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can find information on any subject, and at the very least familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of what ever you are looking for. This comes in especially handy for people that are looking for personal finance information, advice and tips. Back in the day, a person had to keep meticulous hand-written records of their finances, but now you can keep it all logged in a computer and everything else (the analyzing, calculating, etc.) is already taken care of for you. The internet is chock full of personal finance websites, but just like everything else on the internet, there are some sites that stand heads and shoulder above the rest.

1. Wise Bread

Wise Bread’s tagline is “living large on a small budget,” which is everyone’s dream- that is, unless they have a large budget already. Wise Bread’s speciality lies in its bloggers. The site is essentially a blog network consisting of information on every single subject you can imagine that is related to personal finance in a tough economic situation. The site offers tons of advice and tips that are geared towards people who live on a rather frugal budget. Some of the categories include frugal living, personal finance, credit cards and life hacks (which is for people that are interested in social media and productivity advice.)

2. Mint

Mint is a completely different animal than the blog-oriented Wise Bread site. Mint is more like a smartphone personal finance app, as it contains all kinds of information in one single place. This site allows you to record all your financial data into various programs, which will calculate your budget and give you analysis. For example, you can track what your monthly budget looks like via pie charts and other graphs, which will categorize your monthly expenses into “food,” “entertainment,” “rent/ utilities,” etc. Mint is available online and through smartphones and iPads as well, so you have access to your financial information no matter where you are.

3. Credit Karma

The great thing about Credit Karma is that it allows a person access to their credit score for free, at any time. In today’s world, the credit score has taken a huge role in how we live our lives. A credit score can determine what kind of loans we get, where we can live and what we can buy. Credit Karma provides absolutely free credit scores and reports without any strings attached- which is near impossible to find these days. As if that was not good enough already, the site also allows you to save money via their debt management, loan repayment suggestions that they make according to the financial information provided via your credit score. You can also find ways to improve your credit score with the site’s services.

Author Bio:- Jessica is a freelance finance writer and urges you to check around and educate yourself before you apply for a credit card or commit to anything financially.

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  • Jaspinder

    June 7, 2012, 3:04 pm

    ya.. i have used mint.. it is way better than any other personal finace site. Although i liked its style.


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