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3 Key Points To Make Your Facebook Fan Page Active

Having a Facebook fan page with a huge member count is a good thing, but keeping all those fans engaged and active on your fan page is really a tough task to perform even if you are a regular publisher, to promote their business may be the prime goal behind everyone who creates a Facebook fan page.

A Facebook page with silent audience is nothing but ruthless piece of garbage that has no use, but the whole situation turned out when you have fans who likes to spread their thoughts on your fan page, posts updates on your fan pages, share their valuable knowledge and do lots of other stuffs etc on your Facebook page. Then your fan page becomes real diamond for you that have very high value in market.

You can easily get a number of fans for your Facebook page by taking part into “scratch my back and I will scratch yours” types of things, but when it comes to get fans who likes to engage with the other members especially those who share their knowledge, fans who make your page interesting, fans who help other fans etc. Gaining these types of fans for your Facebook page is real achievement and the toughest task that you may have ever faced. Marketing is the one that needs a lot of efforts to get it on right track.

So today I’m going to share 3 effective tips that will help you to make your fans engaging and active on your Facebook page and also help you to get lots of active fans.

Custom Landing Page

Custom landing page is a cool net that is used almost every Facebook fan page owner to catch the fishes known as fans. If you take a look at all the popular Facebook fan pages which have a good number of fans, you will be seen a custom landing page which definitely helps like a major hand in gaining so many active and engaging fans. So make sure that whether you have followed the same tactic for your page.


What you post on your Facebook fan pages plays major role in obtaining active fans and keep them active and engaging with your Facebook fan page. If you post some garbage post on your page then no one is going to share it or like it or even no one is going to have a look on it. So the better way is to share things which are sapid enough to entertain the people. A lot of people who are seriously involved to make use of the social media giant, Facebook effectively in their marketing strategies say that questions, polls, interesting facts can do some magical things to make your fans active.

Facebook Apps

Facebook has a lot of apps that we can use to perform the same task as the title says, like seeking the help of some Facebook apps to run a contest like event on our fan page to make our fans engaged and sharing it will definitely help us to get more fans from their friends list. A lot of apps are currently available which can able to run quizzes which will also help to get some smart fans from other networks or even from our existing fans. There are lot of other Facebook apps which perform in a better way to keep your fans engaged, just do a simple search on Google you can find it out all the popular ones with brief descriptions.

Author Bio:- Jimmy is a full time blogger who is passionate about automobiles and gadgets, his blogs are autonews24x7 and download redsn0w.

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