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3 Important Apps For College Students

The world of a student can be stressful without good organization. While it was easy to accumulate mounds of messy papers and illegible notes in the past, there are several electronic apps available today to help students stay organized. Keep reading to learn about the top apps for students.

apps for students

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1. Evernote

This app is an excellent choice for all student notetakers. Students can use this app to take notes, create to-do lists, archive Web sites and compile various files. They can create several folders for different classes or projects. Lists come with a check box, so it’s easy to stay on track with tasks. The app is also capable of recording lectures and storing them as audio files. There is also a photo feature that allows students to take photos of graphs, charts or textbook pages to store for further reference.

2. Amazon Student

Since students enjoy making money, spending less on education and having a dorm with less clutter, selling and buying used textbooks makes sense. The Amazon Student app makes this simple. It’s easy to find needed textbooks online for much less than bookstores charge. The app is free to use, so that’s an added bonus. There is also an option to trade in books with Amazon. The company deposits the credited funds into the student’s Amazon account and that money can be used for new books. Since the app is capable of scanning bar codes and searching the Web for competitive prices, it’s one of the best tools available to students. New registrants are eligible for free two-day shipping for six months with Amazon.

3. iStudiez Pro

This app is perfect for students who want to stay organized. Although there are hundreds of calendar and organizer apps on the market, there are very few designed specifically for students. This app combines all the best features of popular organizer apps that are most beneficial to students. They’re able to organize assignments, study groups and exams with iStudiez Pro. There are contact cards for each teacher. Semester dividers make it easy to keep track of all classes in a degree program. Completed assignments can also be archived for future reference.

There are several other apps that are designed especially for students. It’s best to take advantage of the ones that serve multiple purposes as a way to save time and effort. Using just a few excellent programs that can perform multiple useful functions are worth the effort to download, learn and use.

Author Bio:- Jenny Masterson is a career advisor and also contributes content for thebestcolleges.org, a website providing college reviews as well as a multitude of online computer degrees listings.