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3 Huge Successes that Started Small

Last month we talked about how easy it can be to make money on your mobile phone. In fact, one of the major benefits of smart phones and tablet computers is that virtually anyone can start a business from almost anywhere. Which is fitting when you take a look at how the companies that make this technology started life in the first place.

Garage geeks

Apple, now one of the biggest companies in the world, started life in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage at 1966 Crist Drive, Los Altos. Together with Steve Wosniak, Jobs built his first computers by hand, soldering and wiring each one with your standard, run of the mill soldering iron plugged into the wall.

Apple Garage

Image source: wikimedia

Off course, Jobs and Wosniak were only copying what had already happened decades earlier at another garage just down the road at 367 Addison Avenue, Palo Alto. Here, friends Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard began working in their back garden garage, which doubled as lab, product development room, factory and sales office, giving birth to the company that would turn their combined names into one of the most recognisable brands in the world.

A little further north along the West Coast, another tiny garage at 10704 NE 28th Street, Bellevue, Washington, was the original home of what would become the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon.

HP Garage

Image source: wikimedia

Founder, Jeff Bezos, had to hold his early meetings in a local Barnes and Noble bookstore to add credibility to his fledgling venture, which is ironic when you consider the effect that Amazon would ultimately have on the local bookstore market.

Humble beginnings

Even as Silicone Valley took off and the big money poured in, companies still had to start from humble beginnings to get going. The early days of the all-conquering Google saw Sergey Brin and Larry Page working out of a garage at 232 Santa Margarita Avenue, Menlo Park, California.

Google Garage

Image source: wikimedia

Many other household names started at household addresses too, from Mattel toys to Maglite torches, Harley Davidson motorcycles to Lotus cars. Even Walt Disney started his animation career in his Uncle Robert’s garage at 4651 Kingswell Ave, Los Angeles, California.

Starting small

These days, many people choose to work from home, rather than commute to the city, and with modern technology and high speed broadband, you can do business around the world from the comfort of your own home. You can even keep the garage for the car if you prefer.

Person Woman Hotel Laptop

Image source: static pexels

Of course, it’s not just tech giants that can start their careers from home. Self publishing means many more authors are able to reach their audience and find fame and fortune without going through the soul crushing process of finding an agent and securing a book deal. Musicians too can reach millions via YouTube these days, without a record deal, or even a record.

Even poker players no longer have to travel to major tournaments. Niall Farrell made more than $2.7million winnings in online poker games, including $232,000 for winning a single tournament, without ever touching a real card. Like Wosniak, Hewlett and Packard before him, he has also progressed from humble beginnings, and has since traveled the world making over $3.3million in live games.

The potential for the budding entrepreneur has never been greater, with technology becoming smaller and more affordable, giving everyone the opportunity to try their hand at their big idea. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, why not give it a go? Who knows, your own address may one day feature in an article like this.0

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  • Khalid Faridoon

    March 26, 2017, 10:05 am

    Garage geeks
    Apple, now one of the biggest companies in the world, started life in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage at 2066 Crist Drive, Los Altos.

    Pls. correct this it was in 1966 not 2066.

  • Khalid Faridoon

    March 26, 2017, 10:02 am

    The Steve Job started in 1966 not in 2066, pls correct this.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      March 27, 2017, 1:52 pm

      Thanks for the correction Khalid.


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