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3 Best Apps for Your Android Phone

Since launching in 2008, the Android smart-phone, Google’s mobile operating system, has gained popularity amongst cell phone lovers around the world. Androids are now on every major telephone network in the United States. They offer something for everyone and can allow you to manage and organize every aspect of your life. Not only is it a phone, but the Android allows you to browse the web, check your email, play music and videos, take pictures, text message, and keep all of your important dates in order. It also has a wide variety of applications, or “apps,” that you can download that will help improve your social life and your career. You can check one of my previous post where i shared cool android apps.

Here is a list of some of the best apps that you can get for your Android phone.

android apps

If you love social network sites and staying in touch with people from all over the world, then you need to download the Facebook app for your phone. This snazzy little application allows you to have access to Facebook while on the go. You can update your status, check your messages, read the newsfeed of your friends, and live chat. You will also be able to “check in” to different places using this app, so your friends can know exactly where you are.

Are you a person of few words? Then you need to get the Twitter application for your phone. Twitter is a hot new website that allows users to write 120 character updates. You can share brief status updates with your friends and post links to news articles and other informative sites. Whether you are on the train to work or in the doctor’s office, you will never be out of the loop with your Twitter application.

If you are always wondering what you should wear in the morning, then be sure to download The Weather Channel app  for your Android. The Weather Channel application will give you up to date live weather updates right on your phone. You’ll never get caught in the rain again without an umbrella! It will also show you the local weather based off of your location on your phone’s GPS chip. The app also includes radar maps, severe weather alerts, 10 day forecasts, and much more.

Now that your phone is full of cool apps, you need to make sure that it is protected from the elements with some cell phone accessories. You can buy a cell phone skin for your Android that will help protect it from getting scratched, scuffed or scraped. Cell phone skins come in a variety of colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your unique style taste.

Whether you want a cell phone accessory for your new Android or to fill it up with the latest applications, a Google smart-phone will make your life simpler. You will love having a cell phone that works like an MP3 player, camera, handheld computer and day planner all in one. And with cool new apps, you’ll love it even more.

Author Bio:- Diana Mason uses her creative talent and love for writing to bring informative and entertaining content relating to gadgets and gizmos, gifts and gaggles. For more information cell phone accessories, please check out cell phone accessory.

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  • Freebiesbuzz

    September 16, 2011, 12:27 pm

    these are some of the apps which i normally use, thanks for sharing..

  • Priya

    September 14, 2011, 7:02 pm

    Nice apps bilal, Android is which everyone likes now.
    I will also like to own one.
    nice, Thanks

  • Naser @ Tech Blog

    September 13, 2011, 6:19 pm

    Thanks for sharing’ em Bilal. I’m also planning to buy my new Android. Which one will be great for net browsing?


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