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3 Best Advance Technology Graphics Cards for Gaming

There is a lot of buzz around the topics like graphics cards. We have been bombarded with plenty of new graphics cards every month, new and advance technologies are coming to satisfy the needs of hardcore gamers. The only question which comes in every human’s mind is that which card will be best suitable to play the modern games and to perform other graphical tasks? Now, the answer is pretty simple, how much cost you can afford to buy these cards? If you have a good budget then certainly you can break the grounds. However, some other low price cards can also satisfy your needs.

Your choice!

There are many companies who provide different variety of graphics cards, like ASUS, NVIDIA, ATI and Intel. As far my research is concerned, I found ATI cards to be more cost efficient than other card providers. Although, NVIDIA has the better brand name but the quality which ATI technologies are providing is not much different, the different only exist in the price.

Notable things

In my point of view you should focus on the following aspects of any graphics card: processing speed, pixel shader, DirectX support, PhysX technology and HD video encoding. Memory of a graphics card does matter but to a very little extent. Because there are some cards which are only 256MB but they work far better than a 1GB card, which is because of its processing speed, not memory!

Best of 3!

Well, here is the list of best 3 graphics cards in the market to play the latest games. All of them are capable of DirectX 11 and other advance technologies.

Radeon HD 5770: This card is priced around £100, giving the best possible performance on a reasonable budget and of course holds the first position.

Radeon HD 6850: This card will cost you around £118 and it the second best card right now! Although a bit pricy but still good enough to fulfill your all needs.

GeForce GTS 450: Finally, NVIDIA comes with its GTS 450 which will cost you around £81 and it holds the third position!

As you can see the battle is clearly dominated by ATI cards, Surely NVIDIA has to work hard to achieve the best possible position in the market. Now, you will have to decide which card you should buy!

Author Bio:- Sohail Qaisar is running a technology review blog; he loves to analyze the topics like Nvidia or ATI? You can contact him through: contact@gamesht.com

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