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3 Benefits of Outsourcing your Appointment Setting Calls

A difficult section of business development is appointment setting and therefore tends to be a common roadblock for many companies for growing through increased sales.

Appointment setting is simply an evolved type of telemarketing. It’s more focused and active and frames the prospects mind more specifically. It’s simpler in tracking ROI meaning you know the amount you invest and the immediate return based off how many appointments you secure, the amount that converted to a sale and what their worth to you. With appointment setting, you achieve business appointments that are tangible instead of just ‘open expectations’ of sales.

People are more welcoming to an appointment setting call as it’s seen as a more useful business conversation instead of just another self-serving telemarketing call. The appointment setting call still keeps the overall elements of conventional telemarketing calls such as the ‘call to action’ and ‘informative’ elements.

When it comes to doing business, typically no sales happen without initially speaking with the prospect directly. If you are able to get in front of the prospect whether it’s over the computer or a phone, you should be able to make the sale correct? However, it isn’t the ‘presentation’ part of it that is the challenge; it’s getting the prospects to the presentation.Appointment Setting Calls

Below are 3 reasons why your business can benefit from outsourcing your appointment setting calls.

  1. You Speed up the Sales Cycle

If you are using your own sales reps to set up appointments, they are using half their time already just to generate the meetings which only leave them the other half time to have that face-to-face meeting and close the sale. By hiring a company to do your appointment calling, you free up your sales reps time to close those sales.

  1. Cost Effective

It’s more cost effective to have a dedicated call center in place strictly for generating qualified appointments instead of relying on your field-based sales staff to do this. Not to mention, by outsourcing this task, you will see a strong and clear ROI through the focus on this segment of your overall sales process.

  1. Can be scaled to Fit Business Needs

An appointment setting call center can scale their services based off of your business demands, budget constraints and aspirations. Should you decide you would like to start off with a smaller pool of prospects to measure the results first before increasing your reach, an appointment setting team can scale it up or down for you depending on your preferences. When it comes to start-ups, this aspect is crucial since cash flow is typically the biggest fallback for startups.

One specific problem various businesses face today is getting that right balance between their efforts in prospecting and their efforts in closing sales. With Image 24 Call Center, you can have the challenge of cold calling and appointment setting taken out of your hands which will allow you to focus on more important business tasks.

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