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25 Popular Google Wave Robots

google wave robotsGoogle Wave which is a advance collaborative tool also allow you to add robots and make the process automated. A Robots is a automated participant which can read content, add wave and add participant to the wave. This is what a Robot can do for you. If you are using google wave then don’t forget to read the most popular google wave tutorials for more tips and tricks.

How to Add Robots in Google Wave?

Adding robots in your google wave account is very simple. Find the Plus (+) sign located at the left bottom side of your account. Copy any of the below address and paste there. That’s it.

List of Popular Google Wave Robots

  1. Yelpful allow you to add in-wave interface to your google wave. (yelpful@appspot.com)
  2. TwitUsernames is use to link a twitter username (twitusernames@appspot.com)
  3. Polly the Pollsteris a robot which distribute and create multiple choice poll questions. (rssybot@appspot.com)
  4. RSSyBotis a handy robot to add RSS feed to yourgoogle wave account. (rssybot@appspot.com)
  5. Flippyallow to flips all the text inside a wave up and down. (flippy-wave@appspot.com)
  6. Blog Bot allow you to publish your important waves to your blog. (blog-bot@appspot.com)
  7. Swedish Chef- Translate language to swedish (borkforceone@appspot.com)
  8. Aesthetic Bots- Turn icons and smile faces to images using this robot. (emoticonbot@appspot.com)
  9. Sweep can be use to automatically delete empty blips. (sweepy-wave@appspot.com)
  10. Bouncy is new bot which is use to add bots to wave. (bouncy-wave@appspot.com)
  11. Eliza Robots is just like the computer Eliza software which will talk to you when there is no one available to talk with you. (elizarobot@appspot.com)
  12. Kanye West- Add Waves to public waves (imma-let-u-finish@appspot.com)
  13. Hangman- Just like Eliza it is also use to talk with a bot (wavehangman@appspot.com)
  14. Wave Alpha is used to calculate wave and other things on wave. (py-robot@appspot.com)
  15. WaveVotely allow you to vote other user waves. (wavevotely@appspot.com)
  16. WaveGroupy is another handy google wave bot, which is use to send wave in groups. (wavegroupy@appspot.com)
  17. XMPP- Just like blog RSS, XMPP is to subscribe to other user waves and get latest updates from your friends. (wave-xmpp@appspot.com)
  18. Wikify- Do you love wiki, of course you love. Then why not add wiki links in your waves through this robot. (wikifier@appspot.com)
  19. Twetty- It is for those who want to integrate twitter to google wave. (tweety-wave@appspot.com)
  20. FML- Add the address (fmylifey@appspot.com)
  21. Skimmy allow you to convert text into intimated images. (wave-skimmy@appspot.com)
  22. Piratify allow you to convert text into pirate speak. (piratify@appspot.com)
  23. Rosy Etta is just like Swedish chip, which is use for translation. (rosy@appspot.com)
  24. Woot- Address (woot@appspot.com)
  25. Quran Wave- A robot for Muslims (quranwave@appspot.com)

These are the most popular google wave  Robots. It will help you to make your google wave experience more advance and automated. Just like facebook and twitter you can also get lots of benefits from Google Wave. The only thing you need is to read about google wave. You can read more about google wave in my previous posts.

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  • Chand

    January 22, 2010, 9:43 am

    Eric@ It will take some time. The more you will spend time the more friends you will make. (Just like Facebook)

  • Eric

    January 22, 2010, 6:17 am

    I have Google Wave but still don’t see a huge benefit to it providing anything extremely great to me.

    I don’t know anyone who’d want to join me – I already have one buddy on there. None of my friends are even that much into computers and probably wouldn’t see a point in GW.

    I think it’s ok but am rarely on there myself.

  • Gabe | freebloghelp.com

    January 22, 2010, 4:23 am

    Thanks for the list. I can’t wait until more peeps are on the Wave!


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