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What are 2013’s Must Have Gadgets?

Whether you are a tech junkie that needs your gadget fix like a druggie seeking out heroin, or someone who is new to the world of life-changing technology, 2013 is looking set to be another inspirational year in terms of products and developments that come from the industry.

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We explored the must have gadgets that will dominate ‘best of’ lists in the year ahead, and why you should look to own one as soon as possible.

Google Nexus 10

Google Nexus 10

If Apple thought they were safe in terms of the market share numbers for their larger iPad models, then the Nexus 10 is making them think again. This is arguably a bigger threat to the traditional iPad than the iPad Mini is to the smaller Nexus 7 model.

The screen of the Nexus 10 is slighter bigger than its competitor, and perhaps the only downside is that it doesn’t boast a particularly powerful battery life to make it stand out. An iPad is still an iPad, but the Nexus 10 is definitely a realistic alternative for those looking for a cheaper option yet with almost equal capabilities.

Big Jambox

Big Jambox

This Bluetooth speaker has been designed and marketed purely as an entertainment product, and why wouldn’t you want to listen to your music wirelessly while you are partying around the house or tidying up the next day? Probably the most exciting use of Big Jambox comes, however, when you link it up with your phone and take a call almost bordering on ‘hardcore speakerphone.’ On a serious level, it could actually be a great conference call tool if a group of you need to hear what one person is saying, but as we said earlier, it is an entertainment first gadget.

Smart Fork

Smart Fork

Health news outlets and experts are forever telling is that eating slower is the key to consuming less calories and eventually losing weight. However, anyone who has tried this has probably realised that it is almost impossible to do without feeling like you are eating at a snail’s pace and becoming incredibly self-conscious.

That is where the ‘Smart Fork’ comes in, however, as this gadget tracks how quickly you consume your food, and alerts you if you are eating too quickly or appear to be putting too much food into your mouth at a time.

It seems like a health craze gone mad, but it could be crucial for those looking to train themselves to eat less and ultimately become healthier.

Fit Bit

Fit Bit

Keeping with the health theme, there are a number of great gadgets available for tracking your exercise levels, all of which will save you money against the cost of going to the gym. Fit Bit is our favourite, with many features included that will motivate you to be more active and burn those essential calories to help hit your goals.

Whether you are already in shape and need a push to avoid the plateau, or need to lose the spare tyre around your midriff, Fit Bit and other gadgets can help you on your way.

Entertainment, fitness, business, or all three, and more, can be made even better this year using the best gadgets available. If you haven’t got any of these products in your life, what are you waiting for?

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  • mamtabalani

    February 24, 2013, 9:48 pm

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing post. Really awesome gadgets of 2013, out of three I liked the Google Nexus 10 the most.


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