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2011 Spy Gadgets Review

There are numerous of spy gadgets in the market nowadays. But all of them are not equal in case of quality and ability. Spy gadgets should be handy, stealthy, accurate, has long endurance and adaptive. Those are the qualities that you should find when you’re looking for the best spy devices. And by that feature, you can make a good buy and money worthy claim. This is my list of best gadgets available in the market:

Toy Designed Security Scanner

Spy Gear has put out a lot of fascinating toys for future Spy Kids for a long time. Among their newest additions will be the Security Scanner, which can be essentially a type of metal detecting wands that your security guard may possibly use put in a toy form. Oddly enough, it actually works. I discovered that there seemed to be this dial for level of sensitivity. Whether it was turned up all the way, it would go off all the time. If it was opened midway and pressed up against the pocket of their clothes, it will detect any metallic things with a beep and a green light.

Spy Phone Software

This mobile phone software can use to track on your partner’s personal calls and messages logs. It also has GPS Tracking System, Sim change detection and you can actually hear the live phone calls of your partner and his suspected illegal partner. This software is very flexible because of its many features. You can use it by installing this software to the targeted phone and that’s it. You’re now an instant spy.

Handy Document Scanners

These scanners come with the ball pen design. It can prevent other to detect that your scanning their top secret documents and personal letters. These work like a ordinary scanners do. They copy the image and save it to their built-in memory card. And you can view it in your computer later on.

Video Surveillance Clock

In this technologically advance times, we’ve got the capability to know almost everything that’s going on within our lives, even when you’re not necessarily there. With the advent of the monitoring camera, we have turn out to be aware about what’s happening in our alleys and stores, as well as what our youngsters are up to while they’re at pre-school. Parking lots, air terminals, the supermarket, somebody is definitely watching us. This got me to questioning, what is going on within my house when I’m not home. Not that I don’t trust my spouse, but I know I’m not the only person who wonders what’s going on when I’m not looking, so in order to “capture” my spouse telling people about the phone how wonderful I am, or walking around the house speaking softly to himself just how much he misses me while cuddling my pillow, I’m thinking about the Video Surveillance Clock. This tiny analog alarm clock has a built-in, motion-activated video surveillance camera that records both audio and video and takes images too, it’s just ideal for checking out the activity in a room or office.

By-link: Jay Dawber, a family, technology, gadgets, and relationship writer. He is also a ordinary business man who wish to have more time on his family. But due to his busy schedule, he can’t share quality time with his family. Besides from the lack of bonding time /w his family, he also wants to monitor his family while he was on his shop. This problem is bothering him for 2 years until he found out this gadget that is very convenient and user-friendly. It is the spy cellular phone and he want others to discover it too.

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    April 2, 2011, 7:44 am

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