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20 Valuable Tips for Creating a Website

Building a great site from the ground up is one of the great endeavors of our time. And although there is a lot of science that goes into creating one, developing a truly successful site is as much a science as it is an art. So, for what it is worth here are the strongest scientific principles that should go into creating a website.

  1. Create content that is useful for your readers. If you obey no other rule of site development but this one and you create a content that is powerful and interesting for your readers then you may actually make it with very little effort. However, forget about content and do everything else perfectly and sooner or later your site will soon lose its audience.
  2. Format your ides so they are search engine friendly because even though people might find what you are writing fascinating if the search engines can tell what it is that you are talking about very few people will have the chance to find you.
  3. Get backlinks from reputable sites because everyone who has ever tried to create a site has, at one moment or another, been tempted to get backlinks the easy way from sites that have no other value. And the thing is that Google has been developing more and more algorithms so that today it not only disregards links from irrelevant sites but they also may penalize your site.
  4. Don’t depend on just one monetizing option. The first time when your site hit 100 viewers per day you were probably more excited than you had ever been before and finally started to see some money coming in. And that is all fine and dandy for the first few months of internet activity but in a few years you will discover that no financial source, be it AdSense, InfoLinks or selling your own products over Amazon, is final and untouchable by the winds of change. So make sure that you have a backup.
  5. Start by finding the best keywords and developing your content about them. This does not mean to create your site from a keyword but instead to find the perfect form for your own ideas because what you may call “peanut paste sandwich” most of us will call “peanut butter sandwich” and that is what we will be looking for.
  6. Write about things that you like because a website is pretty much like a baby or, if you prefer, like a pet: you will have to take care of it for a very long time. And if you start a website on a topic that you have absolutely no interest in, you will probably get tired of it really soon.
  7. Get inspiration from books related to your site. The interesting thing is that, as the internet community is growing, less and less people turn towards books for answers. And while copying from a book is definitely not a good idea, for more reasons than we can count here, the fact of the matter remains that someone has already done a study and has found the interesting subjects relating to a topic and you may want to touch on those subjects too.
  8. Keep an eye on your competition because they are certainly keeping an eye on you. And you can certainly learn a lot from the best in your business just as they can certainly learn something from you.
  9. Keep your site growing. That is because there are so many people who put in the effort of developing an interesting and fascinating site and, just as they start feeling a taste of success, they stop adding new articles. But the fact is that the only path to real success is to have a strong connection with your audience and keep them interested with new topics and new content.
  10. Don’t buy hundreds of backlinks at once. It is amazing how, even after the latest Google updates, even after so many big sites have dropped off the map because they had grown from suspicious backlink techniques, there are still people who develop backlinks for their sites in batches. This technique is effectively dead and anyone still using it will see their site fall from the search engines as well.
  11. As your site grows think about bringing in a VA. VA stands for a virtual assistant and while it may be difficult to find someone who does as good a job as you, it is impossible to handle both the growth strategy for a big site and still develop high quality content at the same time.
  12. Use original artwork. Wordplay may tickle a lot of people’s fancy but even more people respond to a beautiful picture so try to incorporate as much from the visual arts in your site as possible so that all kinds of people will find something interesting.
  13. Grow into a brand and make your brand known. We have already talked about the importance of content but you also have to think about raising brand awareness and you can only do that by getting involved in communities that are interested in your topic of choice and getting them to appreciate your value.
  14. Keep a good track of your progress. A good analytics system will not only help you get over the tough periods, because you will be able to look back and realize how far you’ve come, but it will also help you decide in what directions it would be better to grow.
  15. Interact with your audience. Of course, you need an audience first, but once you have a following, asking for their opinions and showing that their input really matters is one of the keys of success for most sites out there. After all YouTube grows through its comments section and what would IMDB be without the discussions it hosts about movies?
  16. Find ways to stand out. The fact is that there is virtually no topic out there that isn’t covered by at least 10 other people. So finding ways to stand out from the crowd like a good sense of humor or being the first to know about a new change in your area of interest will certainly put you a step in front of everyone else.
  17. Start with a strategy. Even though you may start a website with just a few pages you need to think about the future and you need to know that your site will soon grow to hundreds of pages of content. And knowing from the beginning where you are planning to get will help you grow in a beautiful and harmonious way.
  18. And grow upon a structure because that is the advantage of starting with a clear understanding of where you are going: that way people visiting your site will find it easy to understand where everything is and will navigate comfortably through all your site’s content.
  19. Keep it simple. Zen monks learned how to make their simple life style seem so beautiful that now the entire world of aesthetics is influenced by their principles. And in a website a simple design means your visitors will feel relaxed, will find it easy to understand what you are trying to say and will feel comfortable to browse all the subject matters that you have talked about.
  20. Grow on your experience even if it is bad. That is because many of us would like to just forget about our mistakes, but learning from them and having the courage to get up and keep walking after each one is the only way to grow into a complete success.

Author Bio:- Leo Preston felt she could do more than leave in the corporate world and she started her own business in copy writing and blogging. This helped him grow more in the first year and feel more alive than she had ever felt so she has thrown all his energy in this endeavor.She has been working as a writer for WebHostingBreak.com since 2011 and is always looking to broaden her area of expertise.

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