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20 Useful Twitter Commands and Its Usage

twitter commandTwitter can provide you more fun with its commands functionality. You can use commands (Work as shortcuts) to mange you tweets, followers and other settings.  Just enter a command in twitter and twitter will perform the action for you. Twitter can provide you allot of fun, but if you can utilize all of its functions and features. Most of twitter users are not aware from this function (Twitter Commands), but these are very useful, specially if you are using twitter on your Mobile Phone. It can help you in saving your time.

I collect most useful and important twitter commands, which can help you in managing your tweets and other important functions.

Twitter Useful and Important Commands

How to Use a Twitter Command

Using any of the below twitter command is one of the easiest thing. Just enter the command in “What’s happening” box and press the button “Update” and twitter will follow the action. That’s all.
twitter commands and its usage


1. ON :- This command will ON all Phone Notifications.

2. OFF, Cancel,Quite, OR STOP :- Use any of these command to stop all Phone Notifications.

3. LEAVE usernam:- Type LEAVE space usernam and press the update button. (For Stop following a user)

4. OFF Username:- This command will OFF all notifications for a user on your mobile phone.

5. @USername message:- Post message in a user profile

6. FAV username:- It will favorite the tweet of the specified user. You can see those favorite tweets in your “Favorite” tab

7. RT username:- This command is use to Retweet the last tweet of a user.

8. D username + message:- Use to send a Direct message to the user.

9. Follow usernam:- If you know the twitter usernam of any one. Simply write Follow space username and you will become his follower.

10. WHOIS username:- Check all the details of any one using this command.

11. GET username:- It will show you the last tweet of the user.

12. NUDGE username:- It will remind your friend about your updates.

13. STATS:- This command is use to know about your followers, following etc. (All your details)

14. INVITE phone number:- It will send invitation to the person you specified.

15. Delete user:- Delete a follower from your profile.

16. INVITE Email:- Send invitation to a person (email address)

17. Track term:- Track any term to get updates on that term.

18.  Un Track term:- It is use to Un Track your term.

19. Un Track All:- This command is use to un track your updates from terms.

20. Tracking:- Allow you to track back your un track terms. usage

I hope these 20 Twitter commands will help you to better understand the usage of  Twitter. If you are still not aware from twitter, then read my previous post where i wrote about twitter tips. If you want to promote your blog, then you must learn that what is Twitter and how to use it. Because Twitter is the most important and powerful Social Media and you have to utilize its power. Just like other social medias (Faceboo, Digg, etc.)  twitter can also help you allot in your blogging promotion.

You can read Facebook Tips here. Facebook is also the powerful social media just like twitter. Feel free to post comments about these Twitter Commands.

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  • shoaib

    December 18, 2009, 3:19 pm

    even i did not know that twitter had commands,bookmarked !!!!!

  • Chand

    December 18, 2009, 8:45 am

    These commands are very useful to save your time on twitter, because time is very precious. Specially for bloggers.

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    December 18, 2009, 5:16 am

    the list is huge.. till now I don’t that twitter have commands. Thanks a ton..


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