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20 Useful Google Wave Tips and Tricks

Google Wave is now one of the most popular and enhanced collaborative tool on internet for web designers, bloggers, and business community. Several tutorials has been written on its functionality and features, but today i want to share some tips and tricks for google wave. Which can help you to use Google Wave in fast way. Before going to explain all the tips and tricks for google wave, you must know about Google Wave, that what is google wave and how it works. For beginners Google Wave is little complicated but these 10 Most Popular and Useful Google Wave Tutorials can provide allot of information about Google Wave features and usage for a newbie.

Useful Tips and Tricks for Google Wave

Basic Tips

1:- When you write any blip (message) in google wave, the first line of the message become the title of your message. So write your important words at the beginning of the message.

2:- “Replay” button in the tool bar is use to send a new blip to the selected user.

3:- If you want to upload a file during your discussion, then you have to click on “Paperclip” icon to enable the “Files” function. After uploading the file using Paperclip icon, the “Files” option will get enable.

4:- Double click in the middle of a blip to send a new replay

6:- If you saw a message “Continue this thread” it means that no one has responded to your blip.

7:- Wave is the combination of “Wavelet” and “blip”, and every message in a “wavelet” is called a “blip”

8:- Click in the middle of two conversation to male a new replay to the user.

Useful Short Cuts for Google Wave

10. Home:- This shortcut is use to take you to the first message in wave

12. End:- Is use to take you to the last message in wave.

13. Left/Right Arrows:- This shortcut is use to switches focus between the compose window and inbox.

14. Ctrl + Space:- To mark all messages as Read.

15. Space:- This is use to take you to the next unread message.

16. Enter:- Replay to any blip

17. Ctrl + B, I, U:- To Bold, Italic and Under line the text.

18:- Ctrl + K:- To add a link to a blip

19:- Add public@a.gwave.com
in your contact to make your wave public.

20:- If some one added a bot to your public wave, then you can use bounce:botaddress command to oust the unwanted bot from your wave.

There are allot of more tips and tricks available for google wave, but these are the useful tips which can help you in better collaboration. For bloggers Google Wave is a very handy service, where they can meet with there fellow bloggers and can promote there blogs in better way. I Hope these tips will improve your experience with Google Wave.

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  • Chand

    December 23, 2009, 5:02 pm

    Thanks for the appreciation.

  • mathan

    December 22, 2009, 4:19 pm

    very useful tips to use Google wave.It will really helpful for new beginners

  • a_usman

    December 21, 2009, 4:31 pm

    thanks for those tips. Though still i don’t like google wave, but these tips will be really helpful if i use it.


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