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20 Things to do After Installing WordPress Blog

After starting your first wordpress blog, you have to make some changes and add some features in order to make your wordpress blog prefect for search engine and humans. WordPress is one of the best blogging platform among all the available blogging platforms, like blogger, typepad, drupal, livejournal, blogr, blogster etc…..

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly blogging platform. Every one prefer to start there first blog with wordpress. For those who have start there first blog with wordpress, it is important to know some things about wordpress to make it perfect.

Following are the things to do after installing wordpress

1:- Search Engine Visibility:- By default wordpress in not visible to the search engines. To make it visible. Click on Settings from your wordpress Dash Board and then click on Privacy. Select the option “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Sphere, Technorati) and archivers” and Click on Save Changes button.

2:- WordPress Theme:- Select a theme for your wordpress blog. Plenty of free wordpress themes are available in wordpress directory. Search wordpress theme directory for a theme and select the best one for your blog. Download the Theme and upload it your wordpress theme directory. You can simply add any theme from your wordpress Dash Board. To add a theme Click on Appearance from your wordpress Dash Board and then click on Add New Themes and Upload it. After uploading activate the theme.

3:- Customize Permalink Structure:- Buy default all the permalinks in wordpress are in the shape of www.yourdomain.com/?p=396. Which is not a good permalink structure in term of SEO. You have to change this structure according to your need. To change the permalink structure, Click Settings from your wordpress Dash Board and the click on Permalinks. Here you can select permalink structure according to your well. If you want to select Custom Structure, then simplay add /%postname%/ in the box and click on Save Change. Now  all the permalinks of your blog will be shown as www.yourdomain.con/you-post-title-here.htm

4:- Add Categories:- When you install wordpres the default category is “Uncategorized”. Which is not looking good. To make it change Click on Posts> Categories and click on Uncategorized. Edit it and give it a name like News etc..

5:- Create Roobots.txt:- Create a Roobots.txt for your wordpress blog. Roobots.txt file is important for better search engine ranking.

6:- Activate Akismet:- Akismet is a wordpress plugin which is use to block spam comments. To activate Akismet go to the setting of Akisment from Plugins area. Type your API Key and Save  Setting. You can get your API Key from wordpress.com. Go to wordpress.com and singup for free account. Go to your Profile and copy your API key to paste in Akismet setting.

7:- Install StateCounter:- Statecounter is a free counter which can track all the incoming visitors to your blog. The IP address, Browser, Window, Counter and the path of the visitors. Visit Statcounter for more information.

8:- Install Google XML Sitemaps:- Sitemaps are important for search engine to crawl yor URLs. Download Google XML Sitemape Pluginand install in your wordpress plugin directory. To install any plugin in wordpress click on Plugins from your wordpress Dash Board and then click on Add New. Click on Upload and select the Zipp file plugin to install and activate it.

9:- Add Pages:- Add pages like Privacy, Disclaimer, About, Contact Us, Advertise etc in your wordpress blog. To add a page click on New Page from New Post and then add a page with a title.

10:- FeedBurner Account:- Go to FeedBurner and set up your feedburner account with this new domain.

11:- Sitemap:- Create a sitemap for your new wordpress blog. Sitemap is the list of all URLs of your blogs. User can easily find the URL of a Post from Sitemape. To create a sitemap, install the plugin Sitemap Generator in your wordpress plugin directory.

12:- Install All in one SEO Pack:- All in one SEO Pack Plugin is very important plugin for wordpress. You can add meta tags to every page using this plugin. Download All in one SEO Pack and activate the plugin.

13:- RSS Buttons:- Put a RSS button in your blog. Find a attractive RSS button for you blog and link it to your feedburner ID. You can chose RSS buttons from here RSS Buttons

14:-  Install FeedBurner FeedSmith Plugin:- FeedBurner FeedSmith Plugin is a useful plugin for wordpress, which is use to access the feed of your blog and redirect it to your feedburner account. Download FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin and install it.

15:- Add your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools:- It is very important to add your new wordpress blog in google webmaster tool. Submit a sitemap of your blog (www.yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml) in Google Webmaster Tools, so that google can index all your blog posts.

16:- Contact Us Form:- After creating a page with the title of Contact US, you have to install a plugin for Contact us Form, so that visitors can send emails to you. Download the plugin and install it.

17:- Install Email Subscription Form:- Login to your FeedBurner account and activate Email Subscription. Copy the code from Email Subscription area and paste in your blog, so that visitors can subscribe to your blog via Email.

18:- Related Post Plugin:- Install Related Post Plugin in your wordpress blog. so that you can get more page preview. Download Related Post Plugin

19:- All in One Adsense and YPN Plugin:- Every one want to earn money from there blogs. Adsense is the only way for the new bloggers to earn money. For good earnings we need good CTR rate for our adsense ads. The better placement for adsense ads to get good CTR is inside post. This plugin All in One Adsense and YPN can automatically insert adsense inside blog. you can also manually insert adsense ads below and above post title.

20:- Start writing Articles:- Your new wordpress blog is now ready and you can start  your wordpress blog. There are allot of more plugins available to use with wordpress. However the above mentioned plugins are the most important plugins for every wordpress blog.

Feel Free to post comments, if you have any problems. Tell us about our post. If you found the post useful then don’t forget to subscribe to Email. Thank you for reading 20 Things to do After Installing WordPress Blog

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