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2 Things that Can Keep You Away from Video Marketing Forever

Video marketing is one of the best internet marketing strategies that assure you sizable and consistent traffic. It is an effective tool that allows people to know you and your brand better. It can greatly help in increasing your sales.

If you have never created a video before for video marketing, after couple of attempts you may feel that shooting a video is quite stressful and time-consuming. For beginners, it is only the video recording part that consumes much of the time. However, with continuous practice you can master the art of creating great videos for uploading on video sharing sites.

If you manage to record perfect videos without wasting time, you won’t have to spend hours to edit your videos. Here are two don’ts that you need to get over with to create good quality videos without wasting much time:

1# Don’t Think You Look Awful on Video

Most of us think that we do not look good on video. Do you know why do we think so? The answer is pretty simple. When you look at yourself in mirror, you think that you look good. However, when you shoot a video and look at yourself in the video, you may think that you appear awful. First of all, you should be aware of the fact that the image you see of yourself in a mirror and the image you see of yourself in a recorded video are quite different.

When you stand in front of a mirror, the left side of your face can be seen on the left side whereas the right side of your face can be seen on the right on the mirror reflection. However, when a person looks at you, your image will appear exactly opposite to him.

In other words, when you shoot a video of yourself and watch it, what you see of yourself in the video is the way you look when the world sees you. Hence, you should not be concerned about it much. After recording several videos, you will not dread at looking yourself on video. Once you are able to get over it, you will appear more comfortable and confident in all your videos and you will be able to express your message well.

2# Don’t Think You Sound Terrible on Video

When you talk with someone, you can hear the vibrations generated by your voice within yourself. You feel that your voice sounds deeper and resounding. However, when you record your voice and listen to it, you may feel that you sound completely different. Relax, you are not the only one who feels this way.

When you try to hear your voice while speaking with someone, you can hear the sound of your voice by means of your bones of your skull and chest cavity. This is the reason why your voice sounds deeper and resounding when you listen to it.

You should be aware of the fact that the way you sound on a recorded video or audio is the way world listens to you. Again, you should not be concerned about the way you sound on video. After recording several videos, you will be able to get over it and you will enjoy listening to your own voice. This will make you speak confidently while recording your voice.

Now that you know how to get over with the hurdles that were stopping you from recording videos, it’s high time you get started. Go and grab your camera and start shooting your videos. At the beginning, it may take some time for you to upload your video to your blog or YouTube. However, with continuous practice, you will be spending less time in making videos and uploading them.

In the beginning, you may not be able to get the perfection that you desire. Still, you should try your best to upload a video before the day comes to an end, even if you feel it is not the best.

Once you learn the knack of creating perfect videos, you will spend less time in recording videos; now you can concentrate on other areas such as editing to improve the quality of your video. However, at first, you should only focus on uploading videos online. Once you’ve uploaded several videos online, your videos will start receiving comments that will further help you understand the areas you need to work upon.

Author Bio:- Debarshi is an internet marketing consultant and specializes in local search marketing services. He has helped many businesses use their blogs better to make that leap to the next level.

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