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18000 Google Android Popular and Useful Applications

google andriod applicationsAndroid is mobile device which includes operating system, key applications and middleware for mobile application with java programming language. Initially it was developed by Android Inc but later purchased by Google. Now google is the owner of Android Inc and running it. Android is design and optimized for mobile phones. Which support 2D, 3D and OpenGL ES 1.0 technologies. It can support all types of media formats like GIF, AAC, MP3, PNG, MPEG4, AMR, H.264.

Android includes WiFi, 3G, EDGE, Bluetooth and GSM technologies. Tools for debugging, Plugins, Device emulator and memory and performance profiting etc are the key features of Android.

Most Popular Android Applications

Applications (Total 18000)

You can see total of 18000 application developed through android device. You can also create your own application using the power of Android. following posts can help you to better understand about the work of google android.

Google android tips and tricks

Google Android tutorials

Android Tips

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