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15 Tips for Using Photos to Enhance Online Sales

When it comes to shopping online, photos play a key role in educating, informing, reassuring and influencing customers. When used properly, photos can be effective in converting your visitors to customers. The following are some principles that can be used to maximize conversion.

1# Demonstrates the product’s benefits

One of the most effective ways of selling products is to allow them to sell themselves. Make sure your photo shows clearly the benefits of the product.

2# Inform and educate

Most people find it easier to remember images rather than text. Images combined with text helps people understand complex ideas.

3# Inject some humor

Besides informing, your photos should also entertain the readers. Therefore, when appropriate, find a way of adding some humor to your images.

4# Tell a story

Most people have grown up telling stories, as well as hearing stories from family and friends. Photos and images can be very powerful tools for storytelling; using them gives life to your text content.

5# Highlight innovation

People usually expect some things to look and work in a certain way. If you are promoting a product which functions in a different way, make sure your photo highlights this difference.

6# Don’t deceive users

There are some photos which can cause people to jump to conclusions. For instance, showing an image of a camera with its accessories might mislead people into believing that when they buy the camera, they automatically get the accessories. Make sure your photos don’t communicate the wrong messages to users.

7# Demonstrate features and versatility

When you show a product in use, people will be able to see what it is designed for and how it should be used. Users might realize that the product can solve problems that they didn’t even know they had.

8# Match the photo with the brand

Photos are very effective for creating and strengthening brands. Make sure your photo matches the popular perception of your brand; otherwise you will get people confused.

9# Sell a lifestyle

Everyone wants to live a certain lifestyle which they see as ideal and seek to buy products which support that lifestyle. Therefore, make sure your photos show products within the context of a lifestyle. This will enhance the value of the product.

10# Create desire

Travel websites use photos of hotel rooms and destinations to create the desire to travel in prospective clients. When customers are able to visualize themselves in that exotic destination, they are likely to make a reservation.

11# Look professional

Make sure the background of your photos is uncluttered. If possible, cut out the photo and display it against a white background. This will enable people to focus their attention on the subject.

12# Use flattering and unique angles

An ordinary object can be made to appear more intriguing by shooting it from a unique angle. Make sure the photo shows the flattering side of the product.

13# Display products in their proper environment

Displaying a product in the proper environment helps people appreciate its suitability and purpose. For instance, a shot of mountain climbing boots worn on a rough terrain is more effective than a shot of the same boots on a store shelf.

14# Show a sense of scale

The problem with buying products online is that users cannot actually see or touch them. This makes it difficult to determine whether they will match or fit. The best way of projecting a sense of scale is to show the product alongside another object of a known size.

15# Encourage interaction

Offering features such as rotate and zoom encourage users to interact with your images. This in return results in a satisfying user experience.

Author Bio:- Charles Mburugu is a work-at-home entrepreneur who blogs about topics such as making money online and web development. He is currently writing about checks.

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