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15 Must Have Apps For Marketers

Marketing in today’s world has become a complex activity which requires a sophisticated approach. Marketers have to be concerned about what is going on in their world to keep themselves up to date in this fast moving promotional world. It is always a tedious job to carry a PC everywhere and start and shut it time and again for minor but important tasks. That is where your smartphone comes in handy. You can always download apps in minutes and go for your task anywhere on the net, anytime on the go. These apps are a time saver and life saving tools when PC is beyond access. Here are fifteen must have apps for the marketing professionals to nurture the marketing arena:

1# Facebook

Facebook App

One thing that is a must and active on your smartphone is this. Facebook launched its official app for smartphones to get a better experience. We, as marketers can instantly share updates, photos etc and can access the same features as we use to do on the wide screen.

2# Twitter

Twitter App

Twitter is tailor-made for mobile. The micro-blogging social network serves the best due to its short tweets. Take a quick look on what is going on in your following and quickly share a tweet to continue your marketing on the go.

3# YouTube

Youtube App

Upload your marketing campaign related videos directly from your phone. View your channels and get yourself updated on the number of view.

4# Pinterest

Pinterest App

The photo sharing platform can be accessed as an app on your device with a quick and enhanced environment. You can share your promotional photos and infographics onto your pinboards instantly, anywhere, anytime.

5# Evernote

Evernote App

The well suited app for content marketing to get your idea note down instantly. It syncs all the notes you create on various platform. It works as a notepad, organized and to do list manager..

6# Blogger

Blogger App

This app launched by Google Inc. serves as a great place to create blogs and share your posts. Now your content writers can directly publish through mobile and market your brand.

 7# Webrank SEO

WebSEO Rank App

Get the google rank and deep insight analytics about each site you visit. A great tool for SEO people.

8# Google Analytics

Google Analytics App

Access your Google Analytics account anywhere and get yourself going with all the details and rankings of your site.

9# SEO Pro


Another SEO tool to get your going with all the study about your web site plus the social sites also. Take a look at your marketing success on all the platforms using this one app.

10# WordPress

Wordpress App

WordPress App is the faster and small sized version of its site. Manage your pages, blog posts and comments through your app.

11# Hootsuite

Hoosuite App

Share blog content to your audience to market your business. Also schedule tweets and updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep in touch with your prospects.

12# Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop App

This app is for the time when you want to share a photo instantly but it needs to be touched up. Photoshop express provides you with powerful tool to edit photos easily and quickly. Once they are ready, publish them.

13# Dropbox

Dropbox App

A must have app for people working in a team. Content and files can be easily shared among team members. Files to heavy to send via e-mail can be shared easily from remote locations too.

14# Statigram


As a marketing professional, social media marketing analysis is really important for you. Here’s a platform to provide all instagram analytics at one place.

15# Eventbrite

EventBrite App

An extremely powerful app to get you connected with the social events in your niche. Keep yourself updated and book the events you would like to visit. You may also sell tickets for your events.

Gagan Mahajan – an Internet marketing professional working with EnablingBiz eSolutions, a leading Internet Marketing and app development agency. We specialize in custom web app development . Join us on Facebook .

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  • Gilbert

    December 21, 2013, 4:42 pm

    Nice one you’ve got here mate, whoever doesn’t have the most important ones (twitter, wordpress, google analytics) is missing big time.

  • Sanjay Patel

    December 14, 2013, 3:51 pm

    I love Pinterest and evernote these days. It will help me to get fame for my blog. thanks for sharing it. Internet marketing is increasing day by day.


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