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12 leading technology solutions for 2012

So far 2012 has been a technologically advanced year. There are so many technological advancements that have been introduced this year. These advancements offer technical solutions to many basic human needs, making life much simpler and making digital media part of everyday life. There is a range of technological solutions introduced for a wide range of products.

Mobile Phones and portable devices

When it comes to mobile phone and hand held devices, there are four major technological advancements introduced in this field.

  • The very first one is the speech recognition in cell phones. This feature has been adapted in the latest version of Apple I phone. Now the user is able to control the device by just talking to it. This includes typing text messages, making calls, organizing calendars. Not only this, but the phone is able to reply, to the person with full detailed response.
  • There is another feature introduced which is Near Field Communication in cell phones. This feature has been adapted by Samsung in one of their latest models of cell phone. NFC allows the customer to make payments, or transfer data between devices with just one touch of the phone to the transmitting device.
  • The third ground breaking advancement is the feature of projectors in phones. Now business personals can carry their own mini projectors to work or private presentations.
  • The introduction of 3D graphics is now a great feature in handheld tablets. This means ultra high graphic systems are now adapted to tablets, to make image quality seem more realistic.
  • Also, 3G tablets are now everywhere, 2012 especially, has given a universal push towards its use. Now people are able to wirelessly connect their 3G Tablets to their wireless technology enabled projectors, to use their tablets with a large projector screen.


Multimedia would refer to all the entertainment devices. There has also been some extraordinary advancement in this section of the technology.

  • The very first one is the speech recognition in televisions just the way it has been launched in cell phones. Now users can control all aspects of their television with the use of the words. This includes changing channels, volume or power control etc.
  • Another tech solution introduced in this field is the wireless technology in speakers. Now people are able to buy wireless speakers which connect to their phones and portable media players with the help of Bluetooth technology.
  • Also, technology has been introduced in tablets and new LCD TVs, which allows both of them to wirelessly connect to each other.

Use of Computer

When it comes to the use of computer, i.e. personal desktops or laptops, there has been some significant improvements to the whole technology system.

  • The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, has enable people to get access to everything with just one touch. This refers to the cloud technology adapted for personal computers. Now people are able to keep all their music, office files, video games, utility programs under one click.
  • Not only this, Windows 8 introduced special features to make the operating system more compatible with touch devices. This will contribute towards replacing traditional use of mouse and keyboards with touch screen monitors or LCDs for home personal use.
  • The introduction of smart energy management has enabled people to make maximum use of their personal computer, but with also saving energy at the same time.
  • Also, Samsung has introduced a notebook system, which has a transparent screen technology. The screen of the laptop goes invisible when the laptop notebook is shut down or on low power. This has been one of the most spectacular advancements in notebook systems.

These are the most recent technology solutions of 2012. With times, even these advancements will slowly be replaced with even more technologically enriched features.

Author Bio:- I am John S Lam from Pass Certification. Pass Certification has also contributed in the online expositions and provided the material about the Apple Certifications. (He Live in Valley Drive Philadelphia, and Blogging from In many Tech Commnunities.)

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