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11 Essential Tools to use in Web Designing

Web designing is the creative skill to represent  hypertext or hypermedia content  to the end user through the World Wide Web. One can design a static or a dynamic webpage depending on what your clients want or what you have in mind.  However, several important tools are required while designing a website.

The popular tools used for web designing:

Photoshop: it is a commercial graphics editor. Photoshop is available for windows and Mac operating system. It is an ideal  application for creating  web graphics and manipulating images. It is basically created for designers and photographers.The filter is one of its significant features. It helps the designer to automatically add effects to the images.

Adobe Dreamweaver:  this is a commercial application. It is available for the Windows and the Mac operating system. Dreamweaver combined with other Adobe products such as photoshop permit you to share nifty objects for quick and easy editing and updating of graphics components. Its features include built-in FTP client, , syntax and smart code hinting.

Firework:  fireworks brings you plenty of tools and options that make full web layout. It is a commercial raster and vector graphic editor. The most important feature of firework is the slices. You can use firework to animate, edit or create web graphics. Fireworks combined with other Macromedia products such as Flash, Director, Free Hand provide cohesive web solutions. It is one of the first productions to address and resolve the unusual challenges faced by the web graphics developers and designers.

Panic coda: it is an application for shareware web development. It does not require too many applications to develop a website. Coda is available in Mac OS X operating system.

Firebug: it is a web development tool for Firefox web browser. Its features include CSS editing, on-the-fly HTML, document object model and javascripts.

Javascript: it is a scripting language and is easy to understand. This language is developed to write functions that are implanted in web pages. Some of the basic features of javascripts are operators, variables and literals.

Flash:  it is one of the best tools to make your website attractive with exclusive animation. Animation created through flash gives a new meaning to even the most dull and dreary web pages.

Illustrator:  this is extensively used to create and edit vector-based graphics and images flawlessly.

Corel draw: the logos in the World Wide Web are created by using Corel draw.

Media cleaner: it isusually used to stream videos with optimal quality in a short period of time.

Measurelt:  it is used to measure the length and breadth of the pixel of any component of the web page

Web developer toolbar: it helps you in adding a toolbar and a menu to the several web resource tools.

The web designers should learn and implement  these tools to provide innovative designs to their clients. If you are searching for an efficient designer, check with the web designers. They are very competent when it is a matter of delivering the finest work.

Author Bio:- Peter McKiel, a passionate blogger has been submitting his article regularly on various technology sites. He has been in the arena of digital marketing for 5 years. He also has special interest in website designing and social media optimization. In this article Peter shares his thoughts on website monitoring. For additional details you may refer to this Website – Media Child Design

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