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10 Ways To Tell If Your WebHosting Company Suck

Okay, so you want to enter in the online world. It could be due to various reasons – You might be a businessman who wants to expand his business by bringing it online, you might be a blogger/author who has lot of things to say and want to share his opinions with a global community, or you might be a wannabe entrepreneurs who wants to try his/her luck in affiliate marketing or other online opportunities. But let’s not go in to it. The point is you are ready to come online. So for that, you’ve hired a web designer who is developing a unique and stylish website for you and now you are looking for a web hosting company (cheap web hosting company) which has excellent service, efficient customer support, no downtime, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space and lots of other features. Not Bad. Everybody (including me) wants to use their cash in the best possible way.

And, now you are Googling (you can also Bing) tirelessly for the best hosting company. You are going through long threads of company reviews on popular web hosting forums, chatting with live representatives of hosting companies, asking your friends (or tweeting) for recommendations. And after few days of intensive research, you found what you were searching for. The web hosting company of your dream that offers you everything you wanted at dirt cheap prices.

Ok. Congratulations for the web host. Now, you might be thinking that it is the time to focus on the goals which you wanted to accomplish online. So for that you typed your domain name (assuming that you’ve uploaded it) in the browser and you saw “Server not found” page. Oh my god. Getting Angry? Want to hit your web host? Ok mate. Relax. You’re not alone.

Finding a reliable web host is not an easy task. And to help you, in this article we’ll highlight some of the most effective ways which you can use to find out if your web hosting company sucks or not.

10 Ways to Know if Your Hosting Company Sucks

webhost suck

1. Your website got hacked by hackers. And your web hosting company has no idea how to resolve this problem. Trust me, there are many hosting companies whose owners don’t have any technical knowledge of hosting and relies on the knowledge available online.

2. The control panel was so complex that you’ve to submit a support ticket to find out how to submit a support ticket. Got confused? Ok, this is what that happens when you buy hosting from such company.

3. They suspend your account due to high traffic even when they committed unlimited bandwidth at the time of purchase.

4. They put some of the pages of your website down without even contacting you because they received an email that you are hosting duplicate content on your website and they could be sued for this.

5. They offer super fast web hosting but their own website take ages to load.

6. You bought a shared hosting plan and they hosted your website with lots of adult websites on the same server. So now basically you are sharing IP address with adult websites and giving wrong signals to search engines.

7. Their server got crashed (due to any reason) and you lost all of your content. And to make your problems worse, they don’t even have a backup of it.

8. They cancel your hosting account when you forgot to pay them on time without trying to contact you.

9. You’ve to prepay for whole year/years to get the price they offered in their advertising.

10. Last but not the least – They follow the principal that Customer is always right, except when he contacts their technical department.

I know this is not the complete list, and these could be hundreds of more reasons which can tell you that a web hosting company sucks or not. (So please share your best reasons in the comments below).
Since you are now aware of that your hosting company sucks. So, in theory you should move to the next hosting company but most of the times it is not a feasible solution. Changing web host could be a daunting task especially you don’t have lot of technical knowledge or your website is too big. So, don’t take your decisions solely on the basis of price, you get what you pay for. Go for the reputed web hosting company even if it is a bit expensive.

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  • Mark Front

    April 24, 2010, 6:17 pm

    TechChunks, Try this tool http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server/ , It finds sites hosted on same server.

  • TechChunks

    April 9, 2010, 12:58 pm

    How to know if they are using the same server (shared hosting) to host adult sites along with my blog? Is there a way to know? I imagine they will not tell this, in case I ask!

  • Chand

    April 7, 2010, 9:43 am

    Thanks for adding this one.

  • Netchunks

    April 6, 2010, 4:52 am

    Man great article, you forgot one main reason why a host sucks “They guarantee 99% uptime while the server is down 98% of the time” 🙂

  • Tinh

    April 6, 2010, 1:13 am

    The #1 really sucks as I have experienced with DDos once and my previous hosting company did not take action instead of throwing my blog out of their server. However, I got commitment from HostGator about this and no worries!


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