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10 Useful Google Wave Tutorials and Guides

google waveGoogle Wave is another smashing and dashing service from google. Now with Google Wave you can collaborate with your friends and business partners using the powerful and enhanced features of Google Wave. Google Wave is the next generation collaborative tool for professional bloggers, web designers, and for other online business mans. Most of us are not fully aware of Google wave and its features and need tutorials and guides to use Google Wave. Below are the most useful tutorials about Google wave which will make your waving experience more easy.

google wave tutorials

Google Wave Tutorials and Guides

What is Google Wave?

Google Wave- Complete Guide- Mashable

Google Explain Wave

Google Wave Explained- Video

Google Wave Tutorials 1

Google Wave Tutoial 2

Google Wave Tutorial 3

Google Wave Tutorial 4

YouTube Google Wave Demo Video

How to Use Google Wave

These tutorials are enough to know about Google Wave and its function. Send Waves in more advance way, share files, songs, videos and documents during your communication. Create list of your friends and collaborate with them. Any one can replay, any one can talk at any stage of the conversation. There is no need to wait for the other response. Google Wave also provide drag and drop facility, and allot of extensions to enhance your work with google Wave.

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